Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Few Worth Sharing

We had a little Easter egg hunt in our backyard today to "practice" for the weekend. I don't know if it's the pregnancy hormones or just a general mom thing, but I was feeling pretty emotional about her looking like a mega kid with her pig tails and Easter basket on her first egg hunt. Every day she's changing, she's growing, she's becoming her own person and I am completely overwhelmed with love for her face and her hair and her silly sentences and her voice and her heart.. her sweet loving heart. I am so incredibly lucky.


Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Big Girl Room

It happened about a week earlier than planned, but Logan is fully transitioned in to her "big girl" room! We had been playing in there for a little over week to get her used to it and we talked about how she would move there so that baby sister could start sleeping in the crib when she came; one day last week after a bath, Logan said "I want to sleep in my big girl room!".. so we went with it and it's been really great! I'm always impressed at how easy going Logan is (let's thank her dad for that quality).

The vision I had for this room was to make the most of the space, give her specific areas, and to make sure that everything was at her level and there for a purpose. The teepee was a fun redo (please read that with mega sarcasm)! You may remember that Rory and I made this teepee last year right before we moved and it had been nothing but a nightmare setting it up again and trying to keep it from collapsing on itself on our hardwood floors downstairs. My dad bought Logan a teepee from the Land of Nod for Christmas so we put the one we made in the garage just in case we needed the painters tarp or PVC pipes for something else. One day during a rare nap time, I decided to get my pregnant self to rebuild that teepee and use it in what was to be her new room. That lovely project took two hours and lots of redo's.. never again I tell you! Even though this teepee is a total headache, it's stable and looks great in her new room; it's a great little place to hide and defines the play area of her room which also includes a costume box that Logan is pretty thrilled about lately and her baby dolls. We actually spend a lot of time playing up there; wearing fairy wings and her witch hat while dancing in front of her mirrored closet doors provides endless entertainment!

On the other side of the room are her sleeping and reading spaces. I wanted the books to be within her reach as well as the shelf above her reading chair; she is obsessed with stacking her Russian nesting dolls and loves to wear her Mouseketeer hat that "live" on the shelf. Each night she goes over to her books and picks one or two for us to read before bedtime.. I really love that this room encourages her independence (everything is "by myself!" lately anyway).

I'm so happy with the way her new room turned out and how easy it was to put together (minus the teepee dramatics) but most of all, I love that it cost us next to nothing to decorate! Most everything you see in her room are all things I already had:

- Teepee: DIY
- Costume box and costumes: a birthday gift from Rory's aunt
- Dolls and crib: Christmas gift from my mom
- Twin bed: birthday gift from my dad 
- Kite / Hair clip holder: DIY
- Chalkboard art: DIY
- Embroidery hoop art: DIY
- Bird embroidery art: thrifted a while ago
- Blanket in the teepee: thrifted a few years ago
- Pillows in the teepee: DIY
- Bedding: thrifted a while ago
- Reading chair: from my mother in law's garage and moved from her nursery
- Crates for book storage: thrifted and moved from her nursery
- Shelf and decor: thrifted and moved from her old nursery
- Accordian wall rack: thrifted years ago
- Daisy painting: was my grandmothers
- "You are my Sunshine" banner: DIY
- Pompom garland: DIY

.... so what did we spend money on? Well, we bought the faux sheep skin rug several months ago at HomeGoods for about $30 and the polka dot wall decals were $11 at Target. ::pat on the back::

We have two full months to get completely adjusted (even though it seems she already is) before baby sister arrives and brings a little chaos with her I'm sure. I'm a little overwhelmed with not only the fact that Logan's sleeping in a twin bed and is growing up, but also that these are the last few weeks of just the three of us. We are so excited to welcome Wesley and to start our lives as a family of four (ah!), but I can't help but be emotional in this new "big kid" space when it's just the three of us playing and reading stories... cherishing these new memories that are being made and looking forward to all the love that will continue to grow with a new little in the mix.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Currently (Accentuating the Positive)

Thinking About: taking it one day at a time. The last several weeks have been really hard over here; selling furniture and clothes to go to the market, emotions over medical bills, feeling totally helpless and desperate. We're making it through and are reminding ourselves of all the positive. One day at a time.

Listening: I've been listening to Mariachi el Bronx for a bit of cheery music to help bring up my mood. What's better than a bunch of white boys from punk bands playing mariachi music and dressed for the part as well?

Watching: I've been sucked in to the Bachelor nation. It all started with Sean's season. I adored Dez, was annoyed with Juan Pablo and loved miss Andi. I am not a fan of this new bachelor Chris... he makes out with everyone immediately! I find it pretty tacky and am pretty sure he's full of bologna. I seem to have a pattern here with the seasons and am thinking ABC should ax the Bachelor and only continue with the Bachelorette. Am I the only one rooting for Britt to be the next to find love in the franchise?

Planning: lots of changes. Next month will be the month of potty training and transitioning Logan in to her big girl room and big girl bed so I can get the nursery ready for Wesley. I've been washing newborn clothes, blankets, towels, sterilizing toys; next will be making room for bottles in the kitchen (still hoping breastfeeding works out this time for us though!). I guess I am in "nesting" mode, but me being on top of organizing and cleaning isn't really out of the ordinary for me.

Loving: my family. Super cliche answer? Oh well. The days that I want to give up and break down, I just step back and see my daughter laughing hysterically with her dad and all the stressors melt away. Some people ask how can they help and do I need a break, but honestly, my days with Logan are what keeps me sane and happy. I wouldn't give up a few hours with her to go do something by myself; being by myself is lonely and that's when the anxiety comes to the front of my mind. I'd much rather play with my best friends than have a "break".


Friday, February 13, 2015

Registry #2

There's not much that we need for baby girl number 2, but if you've been reading along for a while then you may remember this post about my "baby registry uh ohs". We are still in need of an infant bath tub, some new swaddles, and a few clothes because we have wintry infant clothes from our late November baby and need a few lighter options for our Spring baby.

On my registry for the little miss is:

Bath: Fisher Price 4 in 1 Sling 'N Seat Tub - this tub has really great reviews and it's versatile. I thought I'd like the collapsible Boon bath tub, but it's pretty expensive and doesn't seem as supportive as this one.
Swaddlers: Aden & Anais Swaddle Plus Blankets  & Ergo Sleep Tight Swaddler - we currently have some Aden and Anais blankets but they are too large for swaddling. We need this smaller version to be able to properly burrito our baby. For nighttime, we used the Woombies with Logan and they seemed to work, but this Ergo swaddler looks like a better option. Even though we kept sizing up, Logan always seemed so squished in the Woombies. I like that this Ergo swaddler is tight up top and more lose around the bottom as the purpose of swaddling really only is to try and keep their fall reflex (aka flailing arms that wake them up) in check!
Feeding: Boon Orb Bottle Warmer - we went through many different bottles with Logan and eventually settled on the Playtex Ventaire which we will use for Wesley if she ends up being bottle fed. There is a plastic seal on the bottom of the bottle which makes the bottle itself not suitable to stick in a warmer, but we used Medela breast milk containers to warm up Logan's formula in a mini crock pot; which eventually got super gross with hard calcium build up where the water level was. The little crock pot was impossible to clean and had a weird smell to it and we actually had to throw it away. We're definitely going to need an actual bottle warmer this time.
Gear: Baby K'Tan Carrier - guys, wraps terrify me. So much fabric! This carrier looks pretty damn genius and looks really convenient and comfortable for those first few months. I did sell my Ergo and bought a Lillebaby in hopes that a forward facing option will help us stick to baby wearing (Logan hated it).
Apparel: Obsessed with this Finn & Emma romperMademoiselle Papillon is one of my favorite random finds on Amazon and I love their little "all in ones". Zutano always has really fun prints like the one on this circus romper.  One thing I didn't have (and needed) for Logan was infant socks.. love these and these. And baby Gap does it again with this floral one piece. I could buy everything at this store, but I'm smitten with this Cheery Day romper at IttiKid.
Boring Necessities: this camera to add to our existing system. This double stroller. These burp cloths.

**all grey text are clickable links for reference if you're interested in researching the products for yourself, friends or family members with babies on the way!**


Wednesday, February 4, 2015


**My little drummer gal. She's always playing these, her guitar, or her piano book. I hope she'll always hold on tightly to her love for music.
**I have started a little collection of Blendo glassware and this turquoise is my favorite!
**A new to me (and free) mid century hutch for the dining room with all of my kitschy kitchen knick knacks. / I rebuilt the tee pee that Rory and I made for Logan by myself to put in to her new big girl room. It took me two hours! I highly recommend never building one yourself.
**Winston the pig comes everywhere with us.
**I always like a very symmetrical and clean arrangement of magnets and photos on my fridge but ultrasound photos of Wesley have taken over.. I love it! Oh and yes, it does say "Poop" on that word bubble magnet. / Week 23 baby bump.
**I am obsessed with this tree in our neighbors backyard. I think it's a crepe myrtle but am not entirely sure. I always thought it was a young sycamore, but one morning last week I opened my bedroom window in the morning to check the weather and I thought it snowed (I didn't have my glasses on)! The tree exploded with these gorgeous white flowers overnight and I take time every day to admire it.
**String of pearls are my favorite and they're blooming too! / Tiny dancer smelling flowers in the garden.


Monday, February 2, 2015

Life Lately

It's been quiet around here so far this year and it's been pretty nice compared to the last few months of 2014 where we were all sick and home-bound. Logan and I have been making it to more play dates and doing more toddler friendly things for her since my life isn't centered around OB/GYN appointments these days!

Logan has always been pretty chatty but lately she is having full on conversations with us and Rory and I are always laughing at the things she has to say. Today I let her run around outside while I unpacked some groceries and when I was finished I said to her, "It's time to come in for lunch" and she told me "Nah, I'm just playin' mom." She's super strong willed (ahem.. like mother like daughter); so much so that she picks out her clothes each morning and let's us know which meals will be suitable for her to eat throughout the day.
Some "Loganisms":

When I showed her her new big girl version of her crib
"Oh mommy! It's wonderful!"

Out of the blue while we were playing she got close to my face
"You're number two!"

"Logan has yellow hair. Mommy has pink hair. Daddy is bald."

I told her to stay back from the fireplace because the fire in it was dangerous
"What!? Dangerous!? What does that mean?"

Me: "I feel sick. I think I ate too many 'Nilla Wafers."
Logan: "You needa see a doctor mommy!"

We've been on a good stretch health and mood wise, though we had a minor bump yesterday and today with two two year molars cutting through and some seasonal allergy issues (nothing Motrin and Benadryl can't help). I've been feeling fairly well.. this little girl that I'm cooking is way more active than Logan ever was and it gives me so much peace to feel her throughout the day (and night! Sleepless pregnant lady nights. Boo.). I feel like a much calmer person this pregnancy; which is surprising considering I have a crazy two year old. When I was pregnant with Logan, we lived in an apartment with smokers next to us and below us so in turn we were trying to move and ended up having to pay four months worth of rent in one month due to new deposits and lease termination fees.. I was on the phone constantly with state assisted insurance.. we moved; I was a ball of stress to say the least. I feel so incredibly lucky and happy to be settled right now; I feel like I can enjoy each day as it comes.