Friday, May 31, 2013

Logan's Nursery Tour

We moved into this house on our one year anniversary and when I was 6 months pregnant. I was so excited about decorating her nursery; I always thought I'd do a Peter Pan theme. Once we got here and I started to put the rest of the house together, I knew I wanted to go with eclectic. It started with the quilt on the pallet bed that was a wedding gift from our friend, Lisa. I had already made the pillows with vintage fabrics. I originally had them listed for sale on my Etsy store, but I stole them back for Logan. Everything just grew from there. I loved the Jenny Lind crib when I saw it on Amazon. I opted for white because I was thinking I may want to spray paint it yellow some day. I am most proud of the blue swivel chair purchase. I bought it for $20 at a local thrift store. Such a steal! I also upcycled her lamp with some red paint. I found it at another thrift store in town and it was pretty nasty. I cleaned it up, rewired it, and painted the chain and details. I am still slightly unhappy about her dresser/changing table. I searched Craiglist and thrift stores for months, trying to find the perfect Mid Century dresser, but unfortunately could not find anything that was the right height. I ended up going with this dresser from Overstock because it sort of had the tapered legs I was hoping for.

Now it's funny how I was in such a rush to get her room perfect before her arrival because she's only taken a few naps in there. I think we will start crib training in the next few weeks. Maybe.

Thank you so much for taking a look at Logan's nursery. Come back soon for more tours of our little home.


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Chatting and new beginnings.

Logan is so talkative lately. She's even babbling "mama" (or something that sounds very similar to it). It makes my heart melt even though I know she has no idea what she is saying. It seems like she's grown up so much the last couple of weeks. I was so excited that she started rolling over and now she's sitting up, (trying) to eat solids, and cutting four teeth! I really have no idea how she is six months old already. I feel like it couldn't have been that long ago that Rory and I were hanging Christmas lights and baking cookies when my water broke. You can read more about the day she came over at A Birth Story Blog.

Here's a little video I shot of her today when I caught her "talking". 

No matter what she's doing, the second I put the camera on her to record, she stops.

I am looking forward to sharing many more stories with you. Whether it's weekend projects, baby things, personal struggles or personal accomplishments. Until next time.