Saturday, June 22, 2013

Backyard Woes

Today we (when I say we I mean Rory) took on a project we had been dreading. We dug out the grass in our courtyard. Before we moved in, and before the owner renovated it, we came to look at the house. It is not one of my fondest memories. The carpet was stained, it wreaked of animal feces and urine, there were wires hanging, dirt, broken furniture; it looked like an episode of hoarders had just finished taping here. The backyard had a rotted bench, an overgrown bougainvillea, and pebble ground cover galore. The landlord pulled out all of the plants, but still left it in pretty gross shape when we moved in. We had to clean up beer bottles, electrical wires, bits of tile, and all sorts of trash the construction workers didn't feel like throwing into a trash can. Thanks guys!! Rory dug every thing out, rototilled it, found some dead cat bodies (yep!), and that's when we started our own landscaping. We put down sod, planted some lavender, daisies, and a dwarf orange tree.. we were really looking forward to the warmer weather so we could enjoy our lovely green space. Well ladies and gentlemen, I'm pretty sure the souls of the deceased cats have cursed our little dirt patch because the sod died, we have replaced more daisies than I can count, and one of my lavenders isn't growing. This will be an ongoing project. I think we are just going to get some pavers to put on the dirt; sadly we are giving up on green.
See her little teeth!??
Do you have any suggestions to make our little dirt patch thrive? What weekend gardening projects have you been up to? Link in the comments below, I'd love to see!



  1. Oh girl... I feel your pain. Our sod thankfully didn't die, yet. We have learned the best thing to do is not water during the day. Water at night so the grass doesn't get burned from the sun and the water. Fertilize it during winter, and water like crazy. My mother in law taught me a little trick when planting the flowers. When you take them out of the plastic pot they come in, break up the roots at the very bottom just a little bit so they are able to break off easily. This will allow them to breathe a little bit once you put them in soil. Hope that helps :) P.S. That baby girl you got there is freaking precious!

    1. There is so much information out there that we didn't know what was right! We read if you water at night it promotes root rot and fungus, but also read if you water during the day it will burn. The last bit of info we got was from a guy at the DIY Center.. he told us it sounded like we had bugs and or fungus!! With the dead animals, I don't doubt it. So so gross!
      Thank you for your tips! I hope my lavender will catch up to the other one.