Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family Walk on "Snake Hill"

I have been trying to become more of an active person since Logan was born. Partly because sometimes it's boring to be a stay at home mom and partly because of the pregnancy weight. I started walking with her in the mornings and it got old pretty quickly. I can only stand to look at the same buildings so many times. We live at the very end of town and the only things we can walk past on the main street is a mobile home park, a retirement home, and a Target. Though Target is nice to walk to on occasion, most of us humans know how financially dangerous it can be to walk to Target every day! When we lived in Granada Hills, Rory and I loved to go on walks in the evenings because we could walk around our neighborhood and peek into peoples' windows, point out the houses we dreamed of living in, and point out the ones we didn't.
When we got rid of Rory's car, it gave us incentive to walk in the evenings. He'd walk halfway home from work and I'd walk halfway to meet him. It worked out pretty nicely until we read about all the recent transient arrests in the wash we were meeting up in. Scary, right?

Our community backs up to a mountainside that once had plans of becoming a park. We have done some exploring back there and found a run down basketball court, what was supposed to be a parking lot, and now perhaps what was supposed to be someone's home (or a Denny's).

This evening we took a trek up to a part of "snake hill" that we had been intending to go explore. Before I share our random discovery, I'll explain that we call it "snake hill" because of the one time we encountered a snake on it.

I love living here. There are so many adventures, literally, in our backyard.



  1. How interesting! Favorite picture is of Logan of course :) but how about that little cross? What could be buried there?!?

    1. That little area had a bunch of hay bales with foam tied to them. It looked like someone had used it for archery practice.. so random! Maybe it's another target or someone buried a furry friend :(

  2. The Denny's thing... whatever it is there... is quite intersting. Cute kid!

    1. It's very curious as to why a Denny's trash can would be there.
      Thank you!