Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Honeycomb Shelving

I wanted to share our honeycomb shelves we built a while ago. Our media center was originally a three piece unit that we bought from Ikea. It was the unit you see in the photo (without the legs), a side closet, and a mounted wall unit. It looked like a massive "C". When we moved into this house, it did not fit the room well. It was so bulky. We took down the side and head unit, added legs to the bottom, and mounted our TV to the wall. After we had done that, the wall still seemed to be lacking. I saw the idea on A Beautiful Mess and followed this tutorial (that can also be found here). I am the queen if knick knacks so I knew it'd be perfect.

  I love that my photo displays are interchangeable. As Logan gets older and as new photos come along, I can easily switch them out!