Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Polka Dot Wall

I love this polka dotted wall! Since Logan was born I have been a bit of a shoe Nazi; partly because of her being on the floor and partly because I want the carpet to stay nice. I mean, really, when you think of all the nasty things you walk all over outside, you wouldn't want to be tracking that into your house. 

We don't ever come in the front door.. I think I have two or three times, so the shoe catch all needed to live somewhere near the back entrance. Our garage is detached and that's where we always come through; into our courtyard then through our dining room and kitchen. The small wall seemed to be our only option for storing our shoes and coats. I arranged everything and was unhappy with how plain it looked. So at about seven o'clock at night I decided we needed to polka dot it! We went with white because it was enough to pop, and also something easy to paint over when we have to move. We punched holes in a strip of painters tape, hung up the tape, and repeated the process about fifteen times before we covered the whole wall. It took us until about ten thirty, but I am so happy with it! 
 I wish we owned this home. The first thing I'd do is paint all of the gross beige and somehow get rid of the textured walls. They are so disgusting. At least the owner got rid of the popcorn on the ceiling before we moved in! Our shoes and coats fit perfectly on our little personalized wall and the project was pretty easy!


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