Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Seven Months

Logan is seven months old today! I can't believe it. Every parent says "It goes by so quickly", but no one ever really explains how quickly. The word "quickly" doesn't even do the quickness justice. I feel like I was just pregnant, my water just broke, I just was in the hospital delivering her. Seven months has gone by in the blink of an eye. I am sad that my baby is growing up, but so excited at all of the milestones she's hitting. Two teeth.. trying to crawl.. babbling.. eating solids.. sleeping in her crib.. on a schedule (Amen!).

This little girl makes every day worth living. She fills my heart with so much joy and love; I could never have imagined a love this great. Before she came into our lives, we loved each other, we loved our friends and family, but this little blondy gives love a new meaning.. a new feeling. Every day we recognize how blessed we are to have a healthy and happy baby. Especially after her first few weeks of life, with all of the emergency and doctor visits, we are so grateful that she's thriving.
Thank you for teaching me patience. Thank you for making me smile even when I am feeling down. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for teaching me to love the right way. Thank you for helping me be more positive. Thank you for the excitedness that you give when I walk into a room. Thank you for the cuddles, the kisses, and even the spit ups. Happy seven months to you baby girl! I love you to the moon xo

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