Tuesday, June 18, 2013

To Do or Not To Do. Homemade Baby Food

     When preparing for Logan to start solids, we bought a Kalorik baby food maker because I wanted to make my own food for her. The first week and a half I ended up using store bought food because of it's much needed "soupiness". I couldn't really obtain that texture she needed, even with pouring the residual steam water into the puree's. I have been gradually thickening her cereal in the mornings and she's doing really well with it! I figure this is the point to start making her food now using the Kalorik. I really like it because it steams and purees the food in one machine. What I'm not quite sure of is if it's worth the time and the money. It's supposed to save you money, but after spending sixty dollars on produce I'm not sure it will save me anything. It also took several hours to make, which really isn't ideal. I would much rather play with Logan and do other chores around the house than spend the time making her food. I will try this one batch so it doesn't go to waste, but I'm not sure I'll continue to do it. 

     Does anyone else make their own baby food? Feel free to leave comments below with you thoughts!
*update* after nearly losing my mind with all of the assemble, cook, disassemble, reassemble, puree, wash, repeat a million times.. I am DONE! Rory and I ran the numbers and making your own food is far more expensive than what we had been purchasing from Target. I sort of feel like a failure. I still feel this way about breastfeeding (my body just wouldn't make anything). I was so excited about making her food; I felt like I was going to be super mommy, I was going to make up for not breastfeeding her. Well, I guess not.


  1. Perfect time for me to read this - I'm just planning the baby food I'm going to cook today for my 10 month old son. He's okay with soft lumps now, but they have to be pretty small, because he doesn't have many teeth and he has a pretty nifty gag reflex!
    I'll often buy a week's worth of baby food for him when I'm getting low on the homemade stuff and I try not to stress too much about giving him the right stuff. I usually make a big casserole with loads of veg and then I just blend it all up and freeze it in ice cube trays. It takes all day because I don't want him to be eating beef casserole for every meal, so I'll do a chicken dish and a fish one too.... I make the savoury food he eats, but I buy sachets of fruit puree and tubs of yoghurt and he has a Weetbix and milk for breakfast each day......and don't even get me started on the guilt of not breastfeeding!! I felt terrible about it, but at the end of the day, my child is clothed, loved, well fed and thriving.

    1. You're right! Our children are clothed, loved, well fed, and thriving and that's all that matters. Thank you for that :)
      I think I am going to just make her the easy stuff (apples, avacados, bananas, etc. nothing that requires cooking), and then use my blender to puree it. I've found that this Kalorik actually doesn't blend well at all.. no matter how often I mix it around with a spoon in between blade cycles.
      Perhaps if I try to make things on the weekends when my husband is home to play with her, it wont seem like I am ignoring her.

    2. I don't know of your reasons for not breastfeeding, but a friend of mine from my mum's group put it really well: "Mothers breastfeed because it's easier, right? So if it's not easier for you - don't do it!". That helped me make my decision and stop agonising over it so much.

      I bought a really cheap stick blender with a bowl attachment for blending food. It works pretty well, although it's starting to fall apart now. But you know what? Baby food these days is pretty nutritious and most of it doesn't have any added sugar and salt (in Australia, anyway) - so if that is what works for you, then do it!

    3. I wasn't able to breastfeed because I apparently lack the lactation hormone. The most I ever pumped in one sitting was an eighth of an ounce. My body just wouldn't produce enough milk for her. I went to 2 lactation consultants, took "breast milk promoting" supplements, pumped in between feedings and it still didn't work out. Hopefully it will for the next kid.

      I noticed there are a lot of organic options now. Which makes me feel better about it. I also told my husband today that the baby food I ate was probably full of preservatives or additives, and I'm fine!.. so far !