Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Trip to the Farm

Our house is at the very end of town and backs up to a lot of farmland. It's a treat to be able to drive home and see horses and cows right off of the road.. I can pretend that I live on a farm too! We live right near Underwood Family Farms, a sweet little place that is open to the public to enjoy. They have a little petting zoo, play area, a train ride, animal show, and you can pick your own produce. Nana and I took Logan there because I actually needed to take some photographs for an article that I am writing. The day was hot, overcast, and so incredibly humid, but we had a great time nonetheless. I love being around animals and was enjoying picturing Logan running around there when she's a little older.

My last post said how much I want to move away, but it's places like this that make me realize how we live in such a lovely area. It makes me happy to think about Logan having this farm to enjoy so close to home. I imagine days where she is excited to find fruit and vegetables in the field ready for picking. I can see her being excited about the animals and the play area.. the train ride and the harvest festival in the Fall.

I feel very blessed to be able to live around green ! It's hard to find these days.



  1. That place looks awesome! My daughter would love it. We might have to head that way if we ever visit America.

    1. It really is! We are very lucky to live by such a great place.
      Thank you so much for reading :)