Monday, July 1, 2013

Home Sweet Home

We are home from our weekend in Santa Barbara.. it feels nice to be here. I always want to get away, but when I'm away I want to go right back home.

Our weekend was really nice though today was sort of a failure. We got up with the intention of staying up there for most of the day, but it just didn't work out that way. We went to breakfast and then to an antique mall I had seen at the non busy end of State Street.. when we got to the antique mall, we saw that it was opening forty minutes later. Logan had been sleeping in the car so I didn't want to disturb her any more and we decided to just head home. I had the cats locked in a bathroom since Saturday morning and wanted to get home to release them, clean, unpack, start some laundry, mop the floors, vacuum (am I the only one that has manic cleaning episodes when I come home from a weekend away?), etc. Coming back from even a small vacation is always a lot to clean up.

The weather was pretty warm, but much cooler than at home I hear! We actually had pretty busy days up there. Logan was such a good little traveler. She never fussed or complained... she is such a good baby. I am working on lots of blog posts about our weekend so make sure to keep an eye out for them!

I hope you're escaping this heat.. wherever you are.



  1. You were so close to us! We're about an hour and a half north of SB. Sometimes we go there to escape too :) We finally have a foggy day today and I'm absolutely loving it.


    1. We are just under an hour south of SB :)
      The weather was so confusing this morning but definitely a nice break from the scorching sun!