Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Wishlist

Hip Haven Tall Bullet Planter @ Urban Outfitters // Lime Wicker Purse @ Sourpuss // Ice Cream Door Stopper @ Amazon // Serve & Tell Crocheted Recipe Journal @ Anthropologie // Number One Shingle Dress @ ModCloth // Peter Pan DVD (starring Cathy Rigby) @ Overstock // Heirloom Recipe Card Box-Garden @ Rifle Paper Co.

So August might be halfway over, but these are some things I have my eyes on! I love love love that bullet planter. Rory's aunt has a real vintage one and I always want to hug it when I go over to her house. Weird? Perhaps. I also need another purse like a hole in the head because all I use is my diaper bag, but this one is cute.. so why not pine after it? I also am slightly shocked I didn't automatically buy the "Peter Pan" DVD. I had been searching Amazon for years for it and all I could find were VHS tapes. Do people really still use VHS!? I actually already have it on VHS.. back in the day my dad recorded it while it was playing on TV. The quality is awful, but I love it.. and obviously I haven't watched it in years because no one uses VHS!

A little side note.. I started this blog shortly before Google Reader kicked the bucket, so I have always used Bloglovin'. I love having everything in one place! Buuuuut I did notice that when I look at my posts on their mobile app, a lot of pictures are missing. So if you're following along with the Bloglovin' App, make sure to click on the "view original post" link at the bottom. That way you wont miss out on any pictures of Logan I know you're dieing to see ;)


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