Friday, August 23, 2013

Oh, Alison

Happy Friday everyone! This week went by quickly, didn't it? August has been so busy and I can't believe it's already coming to an end. This weekend, I will officially have a nine month old and Wednesday is our two year wedding anniversary. Forget about this month going by quickly.. where did the last two years go?

There is a silly thing going around on instagram where people are sharing little factoids about themselves and after seeing it on
Amanda's blog, I thought it'd be fun to do it here!

1. I wish I could bottle the smell of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland.. I would wear it as perfume every day.

2. I didn't eat a lot of foods up until recently. I had never had a blueberry, pears, peaches, sweet potato, green beans... lots of fruits and veggies. Man I was missing out! Thanks Rory for making me eat things.

3. I could watch every episode of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" a million times and never get sick of it. We haven't had cable in a year so I love that it is available on Amazon Prime and Hulu.. I can watch it whenever I like and that makes me happy.

4. I have silly looking hair and lots of tattoos that might make me look tough and intimidating, but I am the biggest weenie. I am super sensitive, I hate confrontation, and I cry at "beef is what's for dinner" commercials.

5. I use my fingers to do addition and cannot multiply unless I write it out.

6. I have a deep love for 1970's housewares, decor, and furnishings. I think this is because of my grandfather's house in San Clemente that was a time capsule of the era.

7. I am prone to heat stroke and got second degree burns my junior year of high school because I went to the beach for a few hours.

8. All things Disney have a special place in my heart. I smile from ear to ear when at Disneyland and when watching old Mickey cartoons. I listen to classic Disney songs on my iPod almost daily and even have the Haunted Mansion rides (America and Paris) soundtracks. Oh, and "Grim Grinning Ghosts" is my ring tone. Obsessed? Maybe.

9. I work out harder and longer with the Wii Fit than I ever have in a gym or boot camp setting. Probably has something to do with the social anxiety thing that plagues me.

10. Most of my tattoos are my pictorial interpretation of Bible verses.

11. Once, I jumped out of a plane.

12. I used to have twelve piercings and now I am down to only two.

13. I used to hate my name.. I still feel like it doesn't fit me. For some reason my dad chose to spell it "Alison" instead of "Allison" like every other Allison on the planet. So when I type "Ali" or give my name at restaurants and spell it out "A-L-I" for them, people tend to call me Ali.. as in Mohammed Ali.. Middle Eastern Ali. I tried spelling my name "Allie" for a while in elementary school, but it got confusing and I don't think my teachers were going for it.

14. I have two cats that are total dork wads. Spicoli Groucho and Conan Cheeto. Doesn't everyone give their cats middle names?

15. I have a scar that looks like a happy face on my left inner ankle. I got it while trying to step over my mom's legs and ended up catching her wine glass that was sitting on the coffee table. The glass stuck in my foot gave me a permanent smile on my body.

If you want to share some randoms about yourself, I'd love to see! Just leave them in the comments.

Thank you to sweet miss Amanda for posting her "random facts" and for inspiring me to play along!


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