Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Fail

We are currently in the midst of a tough weekend and I've scheduled this to post Monday morning for your reading pleasure. 
^she had just fallen and a fat lip and black eye are in the making^

This weekend we were going to have a garage sale at my mother in laws with some other family members. We've had stuff piling up in a corner of our garage for about a year with the intentions of donating it, but never got around to getting it all in my car.. you know how that goes. Rory had been complaining for a few days about having a stitch in his side and we really didn't think anything of it until Friday afternoon when we were on our weekday lunch date.. he said the pain wasn't going away. We both nonchalantly said we'd get it checked out sooner or later since we had a busy evening and weekend coming up with the garage sale stuff. At about four thirty he called me to come get him from work so we could go to urgent care. He's pretty much been in bed since then and I've been trying to keep Logan entertained while trying to take care of him. It's been super exhausting. Neither of us has been down and out since Logan was born (with the exception of my postpartum recovery) so this has been a whole new ball game. I'll be totally honest and admit Rory totally babies me. He gets up with Logan in the middle of the night (if she does.. she mostly sleeps through now), he goes on late night market runs, gives me foot massages on the couch once baby is asleep; he spoils me and takes care of me even when I don't need it (he's the best isn't he?). Poor hubby is on antibiotics and is on double the pain killers I was prescribed after child birth.. so he's knocked out most of the day and when he does say something it's "can I help? what do you need?". Such a sweet heart.

So after a kidney infection, a black eye, a fat lip, a bruised foot, another cut up foot, and lots of family naps somehow everyone is taken care of; the house is clean, laundry is getting done, and I have a moment to sit down and write this. So it could be worse. Let's all just think good thoughts for Rory and hope that the antibiotics continue to work and it's not the other thing we think it may be.. which would require a CT scan and without insurance it would be a total bank breaker.

Sorry I don't have anything more entertaining to share with you right now so to make up for it, here are some awesome links to start your week off right:

I absolutely love this read about an artistic mom who collaborates with her four year old daughter.

I love things like this. It goes to show you how far money, make up and a good plastic surgeon can get you.

Where was this when I was registering for baby items?? Maybe Logan can still wear it.. it will be hot for another month right?

How sweet is this wall decor? I made a kite for Logan's nursery, but never thought to do a wall of them!

I'm not really a nail art fan, but someone come give me this mani please!

My husband has been at his job for over a decade and still has no health insurance. I love this video and I'd like to move to New Zealand now.

This letter to moms is amazing.

I am obsessing over this girl. I am still a Rockabilly girl at heart.. I just don't have time for the makeup and the hair anymore.. it's such a project. I had heard of her a while back, but recently rediscovered her while shopping at California A La Mod (the store I just did a post on).

Check out Logan's nursery on Offbeat Families!

I hope to be back soon with some fun things!


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