Monday, October 7, 2013


Eating: terribly. I have made some not so great food choices over the last month. I got into this "everything slump" when Rory and Logan were sick. I was eating pizza, sandwiches, and even a cheeseburger or two. Ugh.. I am trying to get back into my Paleo groove and am definitely doing better. You may remember I made some Paleo Brownies recently and I've got proscuitto wrapped rosemary chicken on the menu this week. Just think paleo thoughts.. just think paleo thoughts.. and away we goooooo!

Watching: "The Good Wife". Seriously, how amazing is that show!? Alicia does sometimes get on my nerves because she gets a little whiny about Kalinda.. but I guess I'd be whiny in that situation too. We are currently at the end of the third season right now on Hulu and will get into the fourth soon. I heard the fifth just started and since I don't have cable, don't tell me anything!
Loving: that Fall is here.. cliche, right? We had the scariest windstorm on Friday; I was watching Logan on the monitor like a hawk during her morning nap because I thought the tree outside of her window was going to break in. Other than the scary wind, it's really feeling like holiday season here. I loved going to the pumpkin patch with Logan last week, going to the market is a joy with all of the bins of pumpkins outside, the air smells and feels cooler and cozier, and I am counting the days until Halloween. I finished her costume the other day and I am sooo happy with it. She is going to be the cutest mini trick or treater on the planet.
Listening to: iHeartRadio. I have not stopped listening to Imelda May for about a month now and it's giving me my rockabilly swing back. iHeartRadio is such a great app because I get to hear all of the Imelda I love and also get to discover new artists and enjoy ones I already know. But anyway, go YouTube Imelda May.. you wont regret it; because her music is awesome and she's hot.

Thinking about: the holidays really. We put up Halloween lights on September 30th and my mantel had already been Halloweenified for days before then. It's crazy that not even a year ago I was very pregnant and looking forward to my Halloween themed baby shower.. then it was on to being a big ole pregnant turkey at Thanksgiving and I was just hoping she'd come soon (she did, a little over 2 days later).. and last Christmas she was exactly a month old, but I was not feeling well and wanted to not be anywhere but in my pajamas on the couch. This year is going to be so different and I am so excited to experience this season as a mom for the first time. I mostly think about Christmas morning with her. I definitely want to establish our own family tradition this year.. I don't want to feel obligated to be anywhere else right away, I want to enjoy my little family's Christmas morning together. I think Rory and I will probably just get her a few things; I've seen a rule of thumb being used by other mom bloggers and I would really like to stick to it throughout the years for all of our kids... something you want, something you need, something to wear, and something to read. I really love that; so she'll have four presents (from us) to rip apart.

What are you up to lately?

...and a huge thank you to my awesome friend, Jenna, for giving my blog a face-lift! Make sure you visit my actual page to see all the loveliness (sometimes I've noticed pictures missing on Bloglovin')


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