Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Food for Thought. Literally.

My relationship with food is a rocky one. I do not want to pass that on to Logan so I am happy to say that eating (mostly) Paleo has helped a lot with it. I am eating healthier, feeling better and not hating food so much in the way that I used to. Buuuuuuuut... I am terrified of feeding Logan certain things now! There can never be a happy medium can there? 
^eating banana pancakes I made using almond flour^
I read this the other day about Paleo baby led feeding, and it got me thinking about keeping Logan (mostly) gluten and dairy free. We are already feeding Logan finger foods, but I hadn't thought about a Paleo lifestyle for her. What's the first thing you give kids? Cheerios! Well, in our case it's Joe's O's.. but nonetheless it's cereal and pasta that's the easiest thing to feed your infant other than fruits and veggies.

For so many years I would stroll down the market aisles, grabbing boxed foods, tossing them in the cart.. never thinking to read the ingredients. When I did start to read the ingredients, I couldn't pronounce them and it scared me. The food I buy for Logan has always been almost all organic, but there are a few flavors that don't come in "organic". I've learned that Babies R Us, Target, and Albertsons all carry different brands and flavors of food; so I just needed to know where to go and what to buy. I was mainly sticking with Target and Gerber until I read this on the back of some of their selections:
absorbic acid, alpha tocopheryl acetate, lactic acid esters of monoand diglycerides, sodium ascorbate, annatto extract color, alpha tocopheryl

After that mini freak out, I shopped around and discovered the brand Happy Families. Happy Baby, Happy Tot, and Happy Yogi's are all organic, the texture is awesome, and I can pronounce the ingredients. Some days a pouch of baby food is what works for us. Especially while Logan was sick recently, she didn't have much of an appetite and didn't feel like feeding herself, so baby food is what she got. I do notice that these foods have "super grains" in them; amaranth, quinoa, rice, and oats.. all not a part of Paleo. I am only slightly concerned with feeding her grains now because while doing some research  I discovered that some children go on gluten and dairy free diets for behavioral disorders or even after a diagnosis of autism. 

Some incredible facts:
-Over the last fifty years, chemical dyes used in food has increased five hundred percent
-Warning labels for synthetic dyes are required in much of Europe but not in the US
-Kellogg's, General Mill's, and Kraft have completely done away with dyes in their products sold overseas, but still remain in their US products
-1 in 133 people have celiac disease; and those gone undiagnosed have a high risk for ADHD and cancer
-Soy is passed off as a health food but contains a high amount of manganese which consumed in excess is a neurotoxin leading to neurological disorders and disabilities

So maybe I sound a little crazy right now, but what is this crap that is in our food? I have to admit that I do enjoy a handful of M&M's every once in a while, which are not entirely "from the Earth" or Paleo friendly. It just makes me wonder why America allows such poison to be so accessible and "normal". It doesn't make sense that you have to be rich to be organic. To eat unhealthy is convenient and cost effective; how does that make sense?

People aren't always gluten or dairy intolerant.. everyone who consumes Kraft Mac and Cheese isn't going to have ADHD or cancer, but the risks are there and it's scary. Eating (mostly) Paleo has made me feel so much better in my every day. I sleep better, I have more stamina while exercising, I don't feel heavy and bloated all day long, my skin looks better, my mind feels more alert and I just feel more capable of living life comfortably. I never have to do the secret unbutton your jeans after a meal move, and that makes me feel awesome.
I suppose that we will just have to figure out Logan's food along the way; she already may have a berry allergy and has had a reaction to Bisquik pancakes the two times I gave them to her (hence why I made her Paleo friendly banana pancakes). 

Whether you think I am nuts or agree with me.. if you have any thoughts on the matter, I'd love to hear! 


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