Thursday, October 31, 2013

Garden Gnome Costume

I love how Logan's costume turned out! I knew I wanted her to be a gnome since before she was even born! It had been a while since I did some sewing, but I really wanted to make her first costume. I don't know.. mama pride or something. I was surprised how easy it was.. thanks Pinterest (who even Googles anymore?)!

I found some fabric I loved (so much so that I bought the whole bolt) and followed this tutorial on making a simple skirt. I added the "suspenders" like you would make a purse strap and followed this tutorial on making the hat. With a few handmade felt mushrooms and flowers, the costume was complete! So simple!

I made Rory and I gnome hats as well and even made Rory a vest adorned with mushrooms to go with our "family of gnomes" theme. Maybe we'll get some family pictures in them someday.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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  1. Love this! I wanted to do a gnome theme this year for Eleanor's first real Halloween, but got outvoted. Boo. She looks precious and I love that it's homemade!