Thursday, October 17, 2013

Growing Too Fast

A year ago I was pregnant, looking forward to my upcoming baby shower, and had no idea what was really in store for me. It's been a whirlwind.. a fun, loving, happy, overwhelming, amazing whirlwind. Everyone says the same thing, "it goes by so quickly" and it's so cliche and so true. My baby girl will be eleven months at the end of this month and she's grown so much in such a short amount of time. She went from this non sleeping, refluxy, blob of baby into a moving, shaking, babbling little girl seemingly overnight. 

The last week I've looked at her every day and felt like her "baby look" is disappearing and she's developed into a little kid. She's standing, clapping, pointing, doing that "uh oh what happened" hand gesture and even shows concern in her face at the appropriate times.. she's waving, and eating real people food, feeding herself with a fork, pushing her activity walker all around by herself, climbing on everything, crawling everywhere.. she's a social butterfly, she loves smiling at everyone, she has five teeth.. she's growing so fast and mama is taking it all in and cherishing every moment. 

She'd been doing the "uh oh" hands for  few days, but just kind of randomly.. until tonight she purposefully dropped some toys in a crevice, turned to look at me and said "go go" with the "uh oh" arms.. I cried. It was so cute! I love watching her grow and learn new "tricks". Soon she'll be fully walking and talking.. soon we'll celebrate her first birthday.. I feel like soon I'll be sending her off to college.

This little girl is the most precious gift and I am so lucky to be her mama. 



  1. All too true! I feel like if I stop paying attention, I'll miss the next ten years and my kids will be 11 and nearly 13.... I love this little kid time so much, I just want to soak it all up and never forget it.

  2. Also that quilt in the second picture? Awesome! Love your furnishings.