Wednesday, October 23, 2013

these days

A dear friend came over last night and we started talking about the different stages of life with a baby. The first three months were absolute misery. There was lots of crying, stress, no sleep, and excruciating new mama body pain. The struggle of recovery, not being able to breastfeed, trying to cope and help Logan with her reflux was all very stressful and upsetting. After three months, we got into a groove, got to know each other and learned how to live our new life as a family of three.

I am, without a doubt, loving this stage of life with Logan; my favorite time so far. She's becoming independent and it's so much fun to watch her little brain wheels turning!

My favorite part of the day is when Rory gets home from work; we all play together, Logan always has us laughing , and she shows off some new trick she's learned. She loves to be chased and even looks over her shoulder to make sure you're still coming.. she drops things, pushes buttons she's not supposed to and says (a version of) "uh oh" with her arms and hands out.. she's walking up a storm and is so proud of herself.. she likes to crawl and walk with her wooden stacking rings in hand (or her socks).. she's become a little toddler already.

I have been in a weird place the last few weeks with my blog. I haven't really been inspired to share anything or felt like I wanted to write anything that was going on with us, but I am glad that I have this little space of the internet to look back and remember this stage; to remember those toothy smiles and silly baby quirks, to remember that this feeling is what makes all of the chaos worth it.



  1. i'm pretty sure nolan and logan are fairly close in age right? maybe logan is a couple months behind him? either way, i agree. this stage is fun. the independence, their personalities shining through and the way they show how much they love you. it's pretty precious! you're a great mama alison :)


    1. Logan is 11 months old today, so they are pretty close !
      Thank you lovely lady :)