Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Baby Registry Uh Ohs

Ok, broken record here, but I really cannot believe Logan is almost a year old. I remember taking my three (yes three) pregnancy tests so clearly, I remember crying out of pure joy with Rory, I remember starting on my baby registry immediately! I began searching for gender neutral necessities right away; I thought I knew what I was doing, I thought I knew what I needed, but as soon as Logan came and we started living life with her, I realized a lot of the things I registered for were not the best decisions for us. I thought it would be a good idea to share those mishaps with you and also to share what we got instead. So maybe if you're a new mom or a mom to be, I hope to shed some light on the matter. Ready?

We registered for (and received) this PRI Infant Bath Seat. I thought it'd be nice because it was lightweight, portable, and didn't take up much space. It didn't fit in our sink so we had to stick in directly on the counter top to bathe Logan. I did use it a few times in the actual bath tub and I'd sit in there with her, but the suction cups didn't work well and I fell while getting in the tub with her once. Since it was unsafe for us to use, we got:
PRI EuroBath. This ended up being a good fit for us. We put it on the counter top a few times when she was still little and now we use it in the actual bath tub. It keeps her confined, saves water, and we have been able to use it for a long time as there is an infant and a toddler side. It does, however, take up a lot of space in our tub (we prop it up to use the shower) so I am thinking I'd like to get something else for the next little one (whenever that time comes). I have my eye on this Boon Naked Collapsible Baby Bath Tub :

It seems like everyone is gaga over this carrier:
Ergo Baby Carrier. We got one, got the infant insert and I've always hated it. Logan has always hated it too. When she was very tiny, I'd wear her around the house because it was impossible to get anything done. I really gave myself a hard time about laundry and dishes and vacuuming, so I thought I'd just wear her so I could do it. There were times she just didn't want to be put down. I always felt like she was suffocating in the infant insert and we'd both be a sweaty stinky mess after using it. Once Logan got a bit older, I tried it again (without the infant insert) and we were still sweaty, and she still hated to be facing inward. The side carry is a total joke; it's bulky and uncomfortable.. and I could never do the back carry, because I felt it was dangerous trying to do it by myself. I am going to try this carrier for the next one:
Beco Baby Carrier seems like a good one. I've heard great things about them, babys can forward face, and there is more support. I do not feel like wraps or slings are safe, so I like all of the options this one has. 

One of my biggest regrets was registering for this:
The Graco Travel System. The car seat was fine for a while, but I used the Graco SnugRider all of the time instead of the stroller. The stroller was too big, too bulky, too confusing to lock the car seat in to, and I kicked the back of it while walking. I felt like we could not walk normally behind it and the only way to use it is to walk like a geisha. In hindsight, I would have registered for the car seat and a separate jogging stroller. If you plan on walking with a stroller, a jogger is absolutely necessary. My sister let us use her City Mini and it still did not fit our family. We needed a stroller with better rubberized inflatable wheels because we go on a walk every day and also go on dirt trails. We found this stroller at Babies 'R Us recently: 
It is the Baby Trend Expedition. It's been great, but we are not entirely happy with it and know we are going to need to invest in a better quality stroller soon. The front wheel locks and unlocks, but shakes uncontrollably if it's not in the lock position now, which makes it annoying to shop with because it's very hard to turn down aisles. We are going to keep an eye out on Craigslist for a B.O.B or a Jeep stroller. 

I love the Petunia Pickle Bottom brand. Their prints are so cute and I love that their entire line of diaper bags don't look like a diaper bag. I got this satchel during one of their outlet sales
 and soon after Logan was born, we realized we needed to go with the Wistful Weekender
The problem we ran into with the Satchel was that it was very narrow and we had to unpack the entire bag just to find the one thing we needed. The Weekender was really great for being able to see everything very clearly and everything had it's own space. Now that we aren't traveling with as much as we were, I may switch back to the Satchel.

Something that we did not register for that we bought a little too late in the game was this swing:
The Ingenuity Cradle and Sway Swing. We didn't register for a swing or a bouncer (which was definitely not a smart move as they both proved to be a necessity). We ended up buying the Snugabunny Bouncer by Fisher Price right before she was born and she practically lived in it. She also slept in it next to our bed for a while because she had terrible reflux and the pack and play I had her sleeping in was too flat for her to sleep all night in. The batteries for the bouncer did die pretty quickly and it was not very supportive, so we splurged on the swing when Logan was about four and a half months. I wish we had registered for it and had it all along. It would have made things a lot easier for us.

Some other things I registered for and never used were the Boppy, and this portable changing station (Petunia Pickle Bottom bags come with a changing pad and a wipes travel case)
I definitely have learned what works best for us and what we will be using for the next baby. It's unfortunate that I registered for things that we ended up replacing because if I would have known what we really needed, than we wouldn't have had to spend so much money ourselves. You live and you learn, right?


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