Monday, December 2, 2013

Continuing a Tradition

As far back as I can remember, I had my own little tree to decorate at Christmastime. It would sit on my toy box in my room or on my nightstand; when I moved out I still set it up and decorated it with my little ornaments my mom bought for me throughout the years. One year it was all Scooby Doo, another was Batman, another year Coca-Cola; the little trees theme changed as I did.

I've been thinking a lot about what traditions I want to start with my own family, what memories I want to make with them and one tradition that I cannot let go of and want to keep very much alive is for my children to have their own little trees for Christmas. Though I alone did all of the decorating this year, I can see that she loves it already (what kid doesn't love things with lights?). I'm excited thinking about surprising her each year with a new set of ornaments.. I'm excited for her excitement (I'm so excited.. and I just can't hide it.. I just.. I just..! Are you thinking of the "Saved By the Bell" episode now? Yup.)
This twelve dollar tree and seven dollars total in ornaments will last a life time in our hearts and will be something we both look forward to each year. One day this little tree will move with her to her first apartment (or dorm if she decides to go to college.. and if she can get lots of loans!) and hopefully she'll be a nerd like her mama and set it up every year until it falls apart.

Do you have any special holiday traditions with your kids?



  1. aww i love this! we do the same thing for ava. last year she picked out a bright pink one with princess ornaments and purple lights <3

    xo jenna

    1. how sweet! such a girly girl you have ;)

  2. This was always something we did in my family too! I always had my own tree to decorate and I loved it.

    1. it's such a great tradition isn't it?
      thanks for reading!