Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oh, Hello There.

Hi there blog world. Pardon my absence for the last week; I've been focusing on life with Logan, her upcoming birthday, and enjoying babys nap time with some good ole fashioned television programming. Over the last week, I started a bunch of blog entries in my head as soon as I layed down for bed at night, but I never got around to actually writing them. Mostly the ideas were trumped by my constant thinking about not continuing this blog of mine. I have not been doing it for that long and I already have lots of reservations about "putting myself out there". I started this because freelance jobs I was applying to were asking for writing examples.. I didn't have any. I also was a new mom with lots of down time and a new mom whose friendships were fading and this was my venting outlet. I definitely still enjoy being able to share certain things, but some things I just want to keep for myself and for my little family of three. I feel like my daughter is very exposed and she had no choice. I no longer like the fact that her face can be found on Pinterest and Apartment Therapy. It was fun for a while; to feel like I was swimming with the big blogger fish, but I am just sort of feeling.. over it now.

I haven't deleted this blog because I know family that lives far enjoys being "in the loop" with what's going on with us. I may turn this in to a private blog eventually, but I haven't quite decided that yet. Life is getting very busy with my almost one year old. We have full days of feeding times and nap times and play time and errand time and catching up on laundry and tackling dishes and Gymboree and trying to fit in mama exercise time; we definitely are not sitting at home trying to find something to do.
I do have a couple of posts scheduled for the next couple of weeks, but after that, I've got nothing. So if you like, stay tuned and we may see you again soon.
Thanks for sticking around with us and you can always follow me on Instagram to follow along in real time.