Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Playroom Redo

I was already in my third trimester of pregnancy when we moved into this house, so I was coming in in full on "nesting" mode. We really hadn't bought anything for Logan yet because we knew we'd be moving and we were waiting to see what we'd get at our baby shower. While moving in all of our furniture from our teeny tiny apartment to this massive (to us) living room, I wanted to make sure to set it up so that Logan would have a space to play. Initially, the space didn't serve much purpose except for a changing station, but as Logan started becoming more interested in play, started sitting up on her own, and now crawling and walking, the space has needed to change to suit her needs. 

You may remember we made toy crates for all of her items. They've been really great in the sense that she can take things in and out on her own and I really love that they're mobile and she can see everything at her level. Logan has become very interested in books recently so her collection has been growing quite a lot and I had no place to store them down here. I keep her paper books in the nursery (where we never play) and keep all of the board books in her play area. With the board books, she can stand on them, turn the pages herself, and explore them as a baby should without me cringing that the book she's looking at is a vintage Peter Pan Golden Book! Anyway, with her collection growing, we needed a storage solution. While searching Pinterest, I came across a lot of people using spice racks for on the wall storage. Such a great idea, but I was not going to drive an hour to Ikea to get them. Luckily, I found the same thing, but bigger, for the same price at Michaels. I stained them the same dark walnut as her crates (and the rest of our furniture) and Rory secured them to the wall. I also wanted to add a chalkboard to the space because I am hoping she will be interested in art and drawing soon. I paint with her, do sidewalk chalk in the backyard, and have given her crayons to color with before; she's more interested in carrying the crayons around the house right now rather than coloring with them... that's alright.. we'll get there! For the chalkboard, I took a frame I already had and spray painted the cardboard backing with chalkboard paint. About three coats seemed to cover it all and it's working just fine! When she's a little older, I think I will just tape up some paper to it and let her paint (with a towel under her of course. Renter problems).

I really love how this space has turned out. There's plenty of space for her to run around, push her activity walker, and of course to dump all of her toys and books on the floor. We can all be in there together without feeling cramped, and if one of us is a little tired, we can still be a part of the action while lounging on the couch!


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  1. I love the book storage, I want to head to Michaels now!