Monday, December 30, 2013

Another Year Over

I've never been one for setting new years resolutions. Partly because I never keep them and I feel like if you want to make a change, do it now.. don't say "next year" or "I'll start on Monday". I remember in elementary school my teachers always asked us to write our resolutions down and they'd pin them up on some bulletin board for all to see in the classroom; my resolutions were always something like "stop cussing" (yes, even as a fifth grader) or I'd pretend I was going to give up drinking Diet Coke.

I do, however, like the idea of setting goals for myself and my family and I definitely intend to stick to them. Becoming a mom totally changed me.. I don't even relate to the person I was before I had Logan. I think back on things I used to say, my attitude, my thoughts and interactions with people.. I don't know that person. I am more happy that I ever have been; more happy with myself. Though I am still working on it, I can look at myself and be proud of what I've accomplished, be proud of my goals that I am setting and sticking to.. trying my hardest to stick to. Though I weigh less than I did before pregnancy, I am definitely fluffier.. but I am happy to be working on getting healthier for myself, for my future pregnancies, and to be a good example to Logan.

I've already started working on goals I've set for myself but for the sake of a New Years-ish kind of post, here are my New Years Goals:

Continue to make time for exercise. I've been doing pretty well with this one already. Though it may only be for thirty minutes on weekdays, it's still better than nothing. I have been at a bit of a standstill with my weight loss the last few months, but I've lost fifty five pounds in less than a year and am motivated to lose another thirty (or so) more.

Start meal planning. More often than not, I find myself asking Rory what he wants to do for dinner at eight o'clock at night after Logan is asleep (or sometimes later). Usually everything we have is frozen and I don't have the time or patience to defrost and cook it, so we end up getting The Habit or Outback curbside. Meal planning will help with the amount of food I throw away and also will cut food costs.

And speaking of eating out.. Stop eating out. Stop eating out so often. We've gotten into a bad habit of going out to lunch several times a week because it was convenient and I liked for Logan to see Rory in the middle of the day.. I liked seeing him too! With having to pay a few hundred dollars toward health care starting January 1st and wanting to save for a down payment on a house (Lord help us), it's just dumb to be spending almost a hundred dollars a week on lunch. Eating out has also inhibited my weight loss the last few months, so I am ready to say goodbye to restaurants and hello to a better me and more money in our bank account!

Let's continue with the money saving thing.. Save Save Save! This year I plan to follow the fifty two week money saving challenge. Have you heard of it? The first week of the year I'll be transferring a whole dollar into our savings account! Week two, two dollars. Week three, three dollars; and so on and so on, eventually saving $1,378.00
Our savings account went from thousands of dollars to twenty dollars last year because of our move into this house. We had to pay an equivalent of four months rent to get out of our old apartment and into this new home. It still devastates me to think about that. I fear we will never be homeowners and though I am grateful to be renting here, I am sad all of our savings are gone. Time to rebuild!

Be myself in all situations.
This one.. this one is going to be the most difficult for me. I really am only myself around Rory. Lately I find myself more comfortable talking to strangers in the market than to family or friends. People I used to pour my soul to have slipped out of my life and when they make a rare appearance, I feel like I have nothing to talk to them about, I feel my entire body tense up, I feel anxious. Sometimes I try to engage in conversation and I can hear my nervousness and then I get embarrassed about it. In a big social setting, I'd like to sit in a corner and play with Logan and have no one notice me. I don't want Logan to be an "outcast" or to be afraid to be herself, so it's time to trust people (ugh).. it's time to come out of my shell (tiptoe.. tiptoe.. tiptoe..)

Take more photos. I have been in a photo slump lately. I want to bring my camera with me everywhere again so I don't have to rely on my phone (though it's sooo easy). It's kind of crazy that all of my photos of Logan are on my computer as well. I have a baby book and lots of photo albums at my moms to look through and it's strange to think that most kids wont have that because of everything being digital. Perhaps another goal is to print some photos and make some albums. Have any of you tried Project Life?

Make a quilt. Hi, my name is Ali and I hoard afghans and quilts. I always get so excited when I stumble upon a gorgeous quilt in an antique shop and then I almost barf at the price. It's time to make my own! I'd love for Logan to have a quilt that I made.. I'd love for each of my future kids to have their own special quilt that I made for them. So whether it's patchwork and fabric sewn on my machine, or a crocheted one, I want to make at least one quilt before the end of the year.

What about you? Have you set any goals for yourself for the new year or just in general?

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!


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