Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas Wishlist

 want: nose disguise christmas ornament @ sourpuss // need: huffy women's cruiser bike @ target // wear: bonfire stories tunic in red @ modcloth // read: the wonderful wizard of oz pop-up @ amazon

Since I plan on using this rule of thumb for gifts for Logan, why not use it for myself?

I vaguely remember one year that I was at my step-mom's parents house and her brother received a new vacuum for his birthday; it was what he wanted. Someone joked about how the gifts you ask for as you get older change quite a bit from when you're a child or even a young adult. I remember thinking "no way!" I would never ask for a vacuum for my birthday or Christmas. I would always ask for whatever toys or games or "trendy" item my little kid heart desired. It's funny to remember that feeling, to remember thinking I'd never be "one of those" people.. but really, you ask for what you need as an adult. Gifting is changing a lot, as it should (as mentioned in this recent post), and I am secretly hoping someone gifts Rory and I a nice set of silverware and cooking utensils this year. Of course, there are many things I want; window shopping at Anthropologie always pulls at my heart strings, this silly Groucho ornament that reminds me of my grandpa (and matches the tattoo on my leg no one ever sees since I don't own a pair of shorts), a new couch and a media cabinet.. this list goes on. But none of that matters when you're cooking with crappy pot and pans, your spatulas from Ikea are melting during use, your vacuum is whistling at you, you need new glasses, and your cheap silverware is rusting. Also, for the last several years, all I've wanted for my birthday is to get my car detailed.. still hasn't happened, but here's to holding on to hope!

What's on your Christmas list this year?


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