Monday, January 6, 2014


Most of you know the scene: kids are asleep, you're finally sitting down and you're mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest; pinning your next project or inspiration for the overhaul of your home.. or even pinning your pretend wedding or vow renewal ceremony. Pinterest is such a life sucker and I love it. The last couple of weeks I've seen this quote in my feed a few times "Be the Parent You Want Them to Remember" and it always resonates with me. Forget about how it looks pretty and how someone went to great lengths to write it out in chalk or even great lengths to make it look like chalk on some computer program I could never navigate through... it's the words that sink in and make me want to "pin" it.
As I was lying in bed the other night, reflecting on my New Years goals, I started to think of this quote that I've been seeing. I was thinking that I need to remember it often and definitely need to live it often. I want to always put having fun with Logan first. I love chasing her around and the way she laughs at me. I love letting her paint freely (down with those mess free "art supplies" by Crayola!). I love letting her explore. I love experiencing new things with her. I want to always remember to make time for her to discover the world and to just enjoy being a kid.


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