Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Logan's Favorite Things (14 Months)

This girl loves her books! She's really into the Sandra Boynton ones right now and as obnoxious as they are, it's cute to see her dance to them. The way that they read, you can't help but sing the words. She also really loves "Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?". I got a copy at Home Goods that includes a little door on each page that she slides back and forth to see what animal is coming up next. On a side note: I always buy her books at TJ Maxx or Homegoods; you save at least forty percent.

Sensory Balls.
My dad got her this set for Christmas and she loves them! She carries them all around the house, kicks and throws them. They are the perfect size for her little hands and she can even run around the house while biting on to one (teething problems).

Sidewalk Chalk. This is her go to activity in our backyard. She runs around the yard drawing on everything, which is fine because it's easy to hose off once we're done playing. We use this Crayola brand that I bought at Target.

Petit Collage Flash Cards.
My dad also got Logan these for Christmas. I had originally tucked them away in a closet because I thought they were a little beyond her. One day when I was looking for something new to entertain her with, I took them out and she wants to look at them every day now. She says "bird" when I show her the appropriate card, tries to say "doll" when that card is up, and even makes a noise that sounds a lot like "quilt" when showing her that card. It's definitely helped develop her language skills and they're super cute.

Punch and Drop Toy by Plan. This was a birthday gift from my sister. Logan mastered the hammering pretty quickly and she now puts the balls in place, hammers them through, and replaces them to do it again. She is engaged with it for several minutes before needing to move on to something else; she's a girl on the move.

Stack and Roll Cups by Fisher Price.
Probably one of the coolest toys I've ever seen. I really like how you can stack these two different ways and also make them into individual balls. These were a birthday gift from my mother in law and Logan loved them immediately. It's easy to keep her entertained with these for a long period of time because of all the different ways you can play with them. We are either stacking them, rolling them (in ball form), or lining them up from biggest to smallest. I recite the numbers and the colors for her and she really seems to like counting them when they are all lined up. Her absolute favorite thing to do with them though is have mama or dada pull them apart from their ball form and she makes a grunting noise (that too hard to open pickle jar noise I mentioned in this post); she thinks it's hilarious.

I think I will make this into a series and post about Logan's favorite things every few months or so; what do you think? If you are a mama who has some favorite toddler toy suggestions, I'd love to see!


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