Monday, January 13, 2014

Surviving the Homestretch

I love being a stay at home mom and I wouldn't have it any other way, but let's get real.. sometimes it's boring. Life isn't about watching Logan crawl around or move slowly with her toys that used to be interesting; we are on the move and we need stuff to do!

It's been so windy here lately, so sometimes we have to stay inside and on those particular days, it seems like forever until it's time for daddy to come home. I do as much as I can to keep her attention until she remembers she'd rather watch "Yo Gabba Gabba".

The mornings always go by so quickly and then as soon as she is awake from her nap, time seems to drag. Long gone are the days of wandering around the mall or thrift and antique stores... this girl needs to be engaged and outside and running now! I take her to the park sometimes, but I don't really like the play equipment at any of the parks around here (they seem to be structured toward elementary school aged kids). We've been playing in our tiny backyard a lot lately. We've been drawing with chalk, chasing bubbles, dancing to music, kicking and throwing balls, and playing with the few outside toys we have. The other day I thought she was at the right age now where I could make her some playdough and add that to our outdoor activities; she wasn't impressed. Personally, I could sit down with playdough or clay and feel totally happy. Moving that around in my hands is like therapy; forget paying a therapist for all my crazy.. I just need playdough! Logan touched it a few times but mostly ran around with the little non serrated knife I gave her.
I feel like these days wont be here for much longer; so as much as I may be bored at times, I know I'll be longing for these "homestretch" afternoons.

What are some activities you enjoy doing with your kids?



  1. I love this post! it's so true, it does get boring. you're a great mama ali! i wish you guys lived closer :(

    1. Me too! One of these days we'll have a play date in Santa Barbara :)