Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Space for Her in Every Room

This post should actually be titled "Find a Use for an Impulse Buy So Your Husband Doesn't Murder You"
It seems like I have been on the hunt for nightstands for Rory and I forever. The bed and nightstands we have now is a part of the Malm series from Ikea. Oh Ikea... I know all you young newlyweds have been there. Ikea is definitely affordable and they do have a lot of really great looking things, but what I have come to learn is you get what you pay for; the materials are cheap. So yes, it's affordable, but they are not pieces that last. Since Rory and I have been together, we have moved only three times and our Ikea pieces have been trashed to say the least. So far, I have successfully rid of all of our Ikea purchases with the exception of our media center and bed/nightstands (which I am trying to find replacements for almost daily).

I saw this seventies end table at Goodwill last week for nine dollars. I kept walking away from it, then coming back; looking a little closer each time and talking myself into buying it then out of buying it. I figured it was less than ten dollars and I was pretty certain I had seen a matching one at another local thrift store, so I got it. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the other thrift store (with my new purchase in my trunk for comparison) I saw that yes, they do have a matching end table, but it was more narrow and tall than the one I had just purchased. I asked the thrift store owner if she wanted to buy it off of me, I was already thinking about my Craigslist ad, I was thinking of how I was going to tell Rory I bought something we couldn't use.. then I figured I needed to find a use for it before I totally gave up.

Something unavoidable about having a child is that they need a space for their things in every single room; entertainment in each bathroom, the kitchen, outside, and even in your bedroom. We originally kept a basket full of some of her toys and books in our bedroom and I always looked at it and felt like our "sanctuary" shouldn't have visible baby toys in it (am I being unrealistic here?).. light bulb! I hauled that heavy sucker of a nightstand upstairs and started making it Logan's toy table. I was able to incorporate it with our already existing sitting area by adding a reading lamp and it makes it feel like the table belongs there. It is functional for Logan and for us (not that we ever read in that chair anyway. Truth is it's a dumping ground for laundry, but let's pretend it's really a master bedroom reading nook). I grabbed a little basket I already had to put some of Logan's smaller toys in, put some of her books up top, and voila; a use for the impulse buy.

I really like how the little table fits in our room and it's easy for Logan to access. She can pull her books off, play with her bead roller coaster while standing beside it, and can easily open the doors to access the rest of her toys. Possible confrontation with husband about making an impractical purchase avoided! ::pat on the back::



  1. Way to be resourceful!! I totally understand the IKEA problem. Now that we are settled into our new place I am so ready to replace all of our IKEA will be a loooong journey.