Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Reading: I should just eliminate this question because I am not a reader.. never have been. I did, however, buy Practical Paleo at Costco the other day and it's chalk full of paleo info I need to read asap.

Eating: I've had some serious weak moments over the last week. I had pizza, a cheeseburger, and clam chowder. As I mentioned above, I just got a new paleo cookbook, so I plan on trying out some new recipes soon! I always make a paleo dinner though, so there's a little high five in there for me. I tried a new recipe last night for an herb topped steak.. it was pretty delicious! I usually broil a steak and put some grassfed butter on top, but last night I made somewhat of a pesto to go with the steak. I put some garlic cloves, fresh parsley, balsamic vinegar and olive oil in my magic bullet and it was a really great addition to our steaks (and green beans cooked in bacon fat.. mmmm).

Thinking about: How happy I am. It feels so good to say that.. not that I have not been happy. This last year I've really struggled with friendships, family, past trauma, learning my new role as a mom.. it's been a year of a lot of growth. A couple of weeks ago I saw a picture online of my very abusive ex boyfriend (right after I ran in to the other one at Disneyland! WTF universe?) and I had a major breakdown. I felt overwhelmed and I felt very guilty for letting myself be overwhelmed by the mere sight of him. I was very panicky for about a week and I finally felt "over it". I am so happy to be married to my best friend, I am happy and so lucky to be Logan's mom, I am happy with my handful of friends; I feel relieved that I am content with where I am and not worried about people hurting my feelings or keeping friendships that just don't make sense anymore or worried about people that aren't in my life. I am glad to be myself with the few people that surround me.

Listening: I've been stuck in a music rut lately.. I get stuck on one band for a while and I am trying to get out of that habit. The other day I listened to The Ramones because it had been forever.. I even put on some A.F.I and Tiger Army. Rory got me the new Jack Johnson album for Valentine's Day and I've been listening to that on repeat when I am not feeling in the mood for anything on my iPod. And because yesterday was 3/11, I of course had 311 on all day long!
Watching: Veronica Mars! I didn't watch it when it was on air, but I got intrigued by it when I heard about how its fans basically funded the entire movie that's coming out soon. I just started season two and am kind of a nerd for it already. One of the main characters is named Logan and though he's a bit of an asshole, I sort of love him and am angry that Veronica dumped him. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a rekindled romance for those two.. I know he's in the upcoming movie!
I've also been watching the "Gooble" episode of Yo Gabba Gabba with Logan. I love the spooky set and Mariachi El Bronx! It's definitely my favorite episode so far.

Loving: life. There's so much to be grateful for. Though we may be struggling financially, family members are ill, the dream of buying a house seems incredibly unattainable.. I am right where I want to be; in a cute rental home I love with a family I love, laughing every day, we're healthy, we're breathing, we have wonderful people surrounding us. It seems like I have always been striving for "bigger and better" and "what's next", but right now, I am happy right here.

What are you up to lately?


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  1. I think as you get older you learn that it's really the simple things that bring happiness to your life! Sounds like you are very blessed my friend. Hope you have a great rest of the week