Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Hey there! It's been a bit of a quiet blogging week so far.. I know, it's only Tuesday. Our weekend was gone in a blink; with Rory having to attend a funeral and me working and being a mama to a girl who's cutting three teeth, it was Monday too quickly.

I have been busy at work the last few days for an amazing brick and mortar vintage store just down the street from our home; you may remember it from this post. California A La Mod has nuzzled it's way in to my heart for all of the fantastic kitsch and I adore the owner.

Some exciting news for all of you that live in the United States, just not in Ventura County; you can shop at California A La Mod on Etsy! I have just a handful of items up there; we're hoping this will be a hit and I am going to add more items as the online shop grows.

I promise to be back soon with portraits and some more blog posts. This week is proving to be a pretty busy one and my dad is coming to town this weekend to boot!

I hope you're all having a great week!



  1. Aww. Teething is the worst, poor baby!

    Wherein SoCal are you at? You should join the SoCal blogger group I'm in! I just posted an event they did last weekend on my blog...you should check it out!

    1. Yes! She is cutting two bottom molars and a bottom k9!

      I am just North of LA County in a little place called Simi Valley. I checked it out and submitted a form! Awesome, thanks!

  2. Hope those teeth cut through soon!
    So cool you are working for that shop! I would love to get a cool little job like that.
    Also, I HAVE THAT PEE WEE! Of course, mine is not in that great of condition but that is just crazy - I've never seen another one like it.
    Have a good week and have fun with you dad!

    1. It's been great to have a little extra income especially now that we had to buy health insuranve! It's fun and I'm very grateful to be able to have this little job :)
      My MIL has one too! Haha Pee Wee creeps me out but he's awesome.
      Thank you and I hope you guys have a great rest of your week too :-)