Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring Wears for Logan

We didn't have much of a winter in Southern California; it rained a few times and we had one week where it was pretty cold... kind of depressing, but people seem to be really thrilled about the constant sunshine here. I'd trade it for snow in a second!

All of the stores are already stocked up on their shorts and tees.. even bathing suits; Spring is quickly approaching with Summer just around the corner.

I've made a conscious effort not to buy clothes for Logan in advance. I learned my lesson when I bought her a whole Winter wardrobe and she hardly wore any of it due to Southern California being super confused about what Winter should be. These are a few items I have my eye on for Logan when the time and weather is right to purchase:

1. The Beatles A and B Spelling shirt @ Amazon // 2. Smafolk Purple Apples Tee @ Copenhagen Designs // 3. Fine Knit Cardigan @ H&M // 4. Elephant and Hearts Tee @ Amazon // 5. Livie and Luca Ruche Flat @ Amazon // 6.  Hotchpotch Tee @ Nordstrom // 7. Pear Tee @ Baby Gap // 8. Gingham Pleated Dress @ Baby Gap // 9. Butterflies & Flowers Tee @ ittikid // 10. Retro Print Pinnie @ Boden

What are some of your favorite online spots to shop for your kids?



  1. That striped cardigan is so adorable
    I'll trade you my snow for some sunshine any day!!!

    1. It is! I love H&M and wish we had one closer.. Well, we do have 2 about 25 minutes away, but who wants to drive that far!?
      And done!!! I wish ;)