Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend Snapshots- At the Farm

My dad, step mom and brother came to town for a visit this weekend so my sister drove her family down from Santa Barbara to spend a day at the farm with us! We had some pretty gorgeous weather and Logan had a lot of fun seeing the animals this time around. Hopefully next time I'll be brave enough to let her go on the pony ride!
^^ She is not a fan of being up close to birds. Just like mama!!!^^
  ^^Taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers.^^
^^Alright. I realize there is a butt crack in this photo! Rory and I were hysterically laughing at this grody mom who exposed her coin slot for a long period of time to the entire farm. He took these photos to document the hilarity, but turns out it's cute of Logan and I. So, sorry butt crack lady.. but learn to pull up your pants!^^
^^Playing with her cousin.^^
^^A happy girl at the end of the day!^^

I can't believe the weekend is over already; I'm ready for a vacation! What did you do this weekend?


*You can see more photos of our trips to Underwood Farm here*

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