Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Thinking about: destressing; April took a lot out of me. I feel like I've been running on auto-pilot all month long, trying not to dwell on all of the negative that happened and trying not to have an emotional break down. I took on a lot of work (which is great financially.. every bit helps!), Logan was sick for most of the month, teething, was in the emergency room, urgent care, and the allergist (hey, we're going again tomorrow!). I am the type of person who takes on a lot and then is overwhelmed if it's not done in a timely fashion. May is a new month for new perspectives and a new way of living each day. I am hoping to be able to set things aside, without having them looming in my mind so I can be fully present in other aspects of my life.

Listening: I've been on a Beatles kick the last couple of days. There's nothing like vegging out at home on the weekends with the Beatles playing in the background. When I'm in the car, I've been skipping around a lot through different artists because I can't make up my mind on who I want to listen to. I've gone through 311, Fleetwood Mac, The Slackers, Jack Johnson, and Kings of Leon in the last several days... indecision much?

Watching: We're caught up on our Hulu queue again. I'm always excited to see a new "Mindy Project" and "Shark Tank"! Seriously, during every ad break in "Shark Tank" Rory and I are scheming about an idea to make us rich. Still working on that!

Trying: To get motivated again. Since this month has been a rough one, I got out of my exercise routine which rolled over in to the not eating so well routine. Yesterday I started with the Wii again and I somehow forced myself to do it again today (I have been awake since 3am with a headache) ::little pat on the back:: I have all of my meals planned for the week as well, so here's to beginning again!

Loving: the flowers! I am a Fall/Winter sort of a gal, but Simi Valley is so gorgeous in the Spring. The jacaranda and magnolia trees are looking gorgeous and the mountain sides are filled with mustard plants. We live in a chaparral that is always pretty gorgeous, but with all of the poppies, mustard, and lilacs springing up on the side of the roads, it makes it more stunning. I'm also loving little miss Logan's painted orange toes, her insanely huge vocabulary, and her sweet nature. Without a doubt, the last month has been full of cognitive growth more so than any other. I wrote down all of her words last week and I had 55! The next day she started saying a few more, she uses "up and down" "off and on" and "in and out" in the right context, her face looks older, her hair is full of curls, she's very clearly a toddler now and it's been really exciting to watch her grow. My favorite thing she's doing lately is singing; she's singing along with us to all of her favorite songs and it's pretty darn cute.

What are you up to lately?


All the pictures are from my phone this past month; you can follow along with me on Instagram if you like because really, who doesn't want to see cute babies in their feed?

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