Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Snapshots

We were pretty close to not partaking in any Easter festivities this year because Logan has had a cold for a few days. We decided we would just take it one hour at a time and see if we were able to get us all happily out the door to Rory's aunts house; obviously we went! Logan was a little unlike herself, but was all around pretty happy and enjoyed being everyone's entertainment (of course).

I can't help but (already) think of next years Easter. Next year, I hope she'll be able to ride Aunt Kerry's horses and hunt for Easter eggs! I brought some eggs for her to find that were filled with Annie's bunny crackers, but she was too interested in her hula girl necklace to really care that everyone else was playing with candy filled Easter eggs. She did find one egg but just wanted to open and close it instead of bother with the little chocolate bunny that was inside.. not a problem with me!

Also, if you're wondering.. Logan's basket was filled with a new bucket of sidewalk chalk, heart shaped sunglasses, cracker filled plastic chicks and carrots, and "I Can Fly".

How was your Easter?


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