Friday, April 25, 2014

Eating Well

As a person who has struggled with my weight and emotional eating issues, I believe I may have finally found the answer I was looking for all along in following the Paleo "diet". I will be completely honest with you and tell you I was completely strict when I first began last July and since September of last year I have been off and on the Paleo train. I am always really good about eating a Paleo breakfast and dinner.. it's the lunch that I struggle with; sometimes I just want a burger! Mostly my hard days are because I'm not feeling well or Logan is having a hard day, so I just give up and say "I need a grilled cheese". Really, I don't need one and that's where I am having to grow and learn that eating better makes me feel better.. so I just need to stick to it and be proud that I am.

Growing up eating meat and potatoes practically every day of my life doesn't make the Paleo lifestyle hard to follow really. Once you learn what ingredients to stock your fridge and pantry with, the rest is up to you to make it happen and to not succumb to the In 'N Out cravings (mmmmm).
I wanted to share some of my favorite recipes here with you so that if you're new to Paleo, trying to stay on it, or are just looking for some yummy food to eat, then you'll have this to start with!


Roasted Italian Sausage with Sweet Potatoes - I follow this recipe to a T, but do not include the brussels sprouts or the  fennel (Rory and I do not like either). Last time I made it, I added red peppers (chopped) for the last 15 minutes in place of the other veggies. It turned out super delicious and we were able to have left overs for another two days.

Beef Brisket - this was pretty delicious; the perfect fall apart brisket. Instead of avocado oil, I used EVOO and roasted it at 325 for 5 hours (my crockpot is a piece of junk and does not cook anything properly).

Roasted Broccoli with Bacon - The tastiest way to eat broccoli. I cheat on this one too by laying out the fresh broccoli on a tin foil lined cookie sheet and I just scatter the chopped bacon pieces on top of some of the broccoli and around the pan.

Paleo Shake and Bake - In this recipe she uses chicken, but I use it for pork chops. I follow the cooking directions that you'd find on the back of a Shake 'n Bake box in the grocery store. Rory and I ate a lot of Shake 'n Bake pork chops before I started Paleo, so this is a really delicious alternative.

Adobo Peppered Steak - This recipe is really only an ingredients guideline for me. I follow the directions up to step 5. I add the chopped peppers in step 5 and let everything simmer for an hour or two. I prefer the cooked peppers to the raw and I feel like the flavors have a better chance to develop when simmering for so long.

Paleo Chilli - seriously amazing. I made this a lot in the Winter. I did attempt to make some Paleo cornless cornbread with it once, but I was not a fan. I also use 3lbs of ground beef because we like our chilli meaty!

This is my favorite "breading" for chicken. These are my favorite pancakes to make (I've tried a lot of Paleo pancake recipes). And I am still looking for a good Paleo brownie recipe.. I've tried this one, and this one.

If you have any Paleo recipes to recommend, I'd love to see! I am always trying to make something new for dinner... I don't like being in a food rut. You can also follow along with my Paleo Pinterest board for more ideas.


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