Friday, May 30, 2014

Slow Blogging

I read something a few months ago about "slow blogging"; blogging when you only have something to share that's worth anything... not just ranting and raving and posting meaningless things because you feel like you owe it to your readers. I've taken the last week off from here because I had been consumed with negative feelings. Our long weekend was a total bust; I had high hopes of beach days and fun time spent with friends, but Logan was sick (again) and it really brought my attitude down. I was thinking I'd post about our wonderful and rare three day weekend, but in reality our weekend was full of crying and coughing and screaming and sleepless days and nights. As the week went on, Logan's mood was still awful because she wasn't feeling well and my mood was pretty terrible too. Each day when Rory got home, I came upstairs and would sit alone and cry or be close to crying; I was feeling so overwhelmed and drained. I did think about sitting down and writing several times, but I did not want to share all of that negativity.

Life with a a toddler is never easy, but for some reason since February of this year, we have been socked up side the head every day with illness and allergies and teething and just something
that makes life seem far from normal (I know things could always be much worse, but when you're feeling down and overwhelmed, that's the last thing you're thinking about in the moment). I had started over several times a day, breathed through times when I wanted to chuck something across the room, and sat and stared at Logan throwing a fit because I felt like I had lost all sense of how to function normally. I was feeling broken down, defeated, depressed... non of that makes for a fun blog post.

I am ready to get back to normalcy and days where everyone is healthy! Hopefully I can talk Rory in to taking a weekend trip to Santa Barbara because sometimes, a little weekend trip is just enough to spark some life back in to me.

Here's to hoping for health and new adventures to share with you all!


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