Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Taking Stock

Making: changes! I'm on day four of strict Paleo/Whole 30 and I am already feeling so much better. I started eating Paleo last July and have been stress eating like a doofus since February. I am super motivated, doing well, and am happy. I figured, "why keep feeling miserable?" It's not worth it.. even though I will miss traditional pizza.

Cooking: Right now I have a seven pound brisket in the oven with some sweet onions, garlic, sweet potatoes and carrots.
Drinking: water and orange juice only! Bye bye diet coke (again).

 Nothing of substance. Occasionally I'll click on a link someone shared on Facebook about some celebrity, the news, a science article, a parenting article. I should find a good book. Any recommendations?
Wanting: to take a vacation. It's hard because even though Rory's been at his job for over a decade, they do not offer sick or vacation time. Every hour he's not at work, we're losing money. Paying our bills is a priority so I am keeping my fingers crossed for a weekend trip soon.

Looking: for new rentals. It's kind of devastating. We're actually not one hundred percent sure if we'll be moving this August; we're waiting to hear back from the owner about the possibility of him selling this house. If we can stay, I am sure we will.. but something might be out there that's cheaper and that in itself could be worth a move. Lots to think about.
Playing: Mad Caddies "Dirty Rice". The Mad Caddies are my favorite band.. I saw them in concert while I was six months pregnant with Logan... yeah I was that mom/pregnant lady, in a bar, at a concert. Logan's favorite song is "Shoot Out the Lights" (mine too), and she wont let me listen to the rest of the album lately. After the song is over, she says "lights... lights", so it's on repeat right now.
 time.. which I am happy about. I had felt so overwhelmed and stressed beyond belief the last few months that I've made myself sit down to lunch after I put Logan down for a nap and to watch at least one show in my Hulu queue. Sometimes it good to veg.
Sewing: Ahhh nothing right now! I still have intentions of making my first quilt this year. Rory and I are going to make a tee pee for Logan soon, so I'll be doing some sewing for that.

Wishing: for money to fall out of the sky. A big chunk of my family if going to Hawaii next month and of course, Rory and I are not going. I just can't justify putting ourselves in that much credit card debt. It's really hard to be left out of things and not be able to go places because you simply can't afford it. Maybe one day we'll win the lottery.
Enjoying: Logan, of course! Did you think I'd answer any other way? I love our conversations. I love hearing her words. I love watching her play and become more confident in her motor and social skills (well, she's always been socially confident). I am enjoying this age a lot!
Waiting: for June 15th! We're taking a day trip to Santa Barbara for Father's Day (per Rory's request)!

Liking: all of the cute vintage items I have listed on Etsy. It's really fun to have pieces of kitschy history in my home.. until they get shipped out.
 how this summer will go. If we'll move, if we'll decide to get pregnant...
Loving: this stage of life and new friendships. I feel like the last year and a half has been all about personal growth and I'm really happy about where I am. Still working on some things, but overall pretty happy.
Hoping: to stay motivated. I am already feeling the difference, so I want to remember that I feel better this way and to keep it up!

 at my daughter and at the fact that God has blessed us so much with her life. So many babies have been lost this year; I've seen in on Instagram and on blogs I follow. It seems like so many babies have been born and the same amount have been taken away from this world. People are having miscarriages, their babies are lost in tragedy, babies are being stillborn... it's heart wrenching. I feel so beyond grateful that my daughter was healthy enough to live and that tragedy has not stricken our family. You just never know what the day will bring and when it will be your last, so I am in awe of life and her every day lately. The reality of how precious life is is too real lately.
Needing: a vacation.. again. Soon ::fingers crossed::

Smelling: That brisket that I've been cooking for hours... mmmmm.

Wearing: Anthropologie shirts.. always. I really love the selections this year; the tops are cut for normal sized people, they're flowy and flattering; can't ask for anything more when you're still giving your post baby body the stink eye every day in the mirror.
Following: My Etsy shop has a new Instagram account! Are you following?

Noticing:a change in my energy and my body already. I have been feeling a little dizzy since being strict Paleo again (probably caffeine withdrawal), but I feel more energetic, leaner, and mentally alert and happy.

Opening: my heart to people that used to be in my life more often than they are now. I have gotten over the anger and the bitterness and I am okay with where our relationships are at.. there or not. I reached out to an old friend the other day and it felt really good to talk to him again and feel that special bond we have always had.

Feeling: like I am on the right track. I am eating well, exercising, close with people I enjoy being close with, finally dealing with the ptsd I was diagnosed with... I'm feeling good. 

How are you doing lately?



  1. I'm looking for a big chunk of money too. Life is getting so expensive, just affording needs is tough.
    I love this post :)

    1. My heart breaks at every market checkout.
      Thank you :)