Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Teepee for a Tot

I've been wanting to make Logan a teepee for a while, but kept thinking she wasn't at an age where she'd get it and enjoy it for what it is. The last couple of weeks, either Rory or I would say, "she'd really like a teepee in here". So after searching Pinterest for several weeks and coming up with what I assumed was a fairly well rounded idea of how to execute this project, we decided to take it on Saturday night. Well, the poles were too tall and the tarp wasn't laying right.. so Sunday night we tried again, still wasn't working. Cut to Monday, we cut the poles and were on the right track until the plastic grommets we got kept breaking. Finally on Tuesday night, accomplishment!!
I wish I could provide a link to some amazing tutorial, but honestly this process was all about trial and error. Through my Pinterest search I did settle on the supplies we needed, which were:

-one 9x12 painters drop cloth
-12 metal grommets (I got these from JoAnns in the jewelry section. They screw in to secure rather than hammering)
-5 PVC pipes (we started with 8 feet pipes then cut them down to 7 feet to better fit our space)
-shoe lace like rope/ribbon (I got mine on a spool from JoAnns)
-spray paint (we already had this color in the garage)

Rory followed the steps to secure the pipes that you'll find in all tutorials; he drilled holes in each pipe and strung them together with twine. We actually secured the teepee once, then cut the poles and had to redo the twine at the top to better secure the tarp and help us widen the base of the teepee. Every tutorial using a tarp will tell you to fold it lengthwise and cut a semicircle, before you cut make sure to measure the top of your teepee! We cut ours too wide and had to flip over the tarp and redo it. Thankfully, there was enough fabric to make that mistake.
We restrung the grommets, rehung the tarp, pinned and repinned the tarp, and basically built this thing over and over for days until it was right. Taking on this DIY to avoid spending a trillion dollars at The Land of Nod was a pain in the ass, but definitely worth it. Rory and I always laugh our way through all of these projects that are supposed to be easy and basically effortless, it's obnoxious but fun. Also, I'd much rather have something we made for Logan than something I could just buy on the internet that a million other people have. I like things to be unique and building memories around something you made is always that much more special.


**Are you wondering why there is only one picture of Logan outside the tent? Well friends, it's because she's scared to go in it right now. Figures! Hopefully she'll like it soon.**

You can see more picture of Logan's playroom here and here.


  1. That is so cute. Logan in going to get lots of use out of it I'm sure!

  2. Put some food in it, they she'll go in ;)

    1. Haha!
      She likes it now after she saw my "sleeping" in it :)