Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Around Here

"And the plates were hung in the dining room with care.."

It feels so good to be here.. to call this sweet house home. We've hung almost everything, things are put away in their new places, we're home. It's amazing that three weeks ago, Rory and I were in tears for several days about having to leave our townhouse.. we were lost and had no idea what the future had in store for us; we felt like the worst was happening and we were drowning in anxiety and upsetedness. We made it through the tears and the shock, we made it through the disappointment of not going through with a lease on another townhouse, we made it through re-homing our cats, we made it through moving by ourselves, we made it home. I feel like the last three weeks have been some of the most trying for us. When Rory and I are going through something, we go through it together and we make it out together. All of the emotions we felt and had to work through just gave us that much more confidence in our marriage and our love for each other.. we can support each other through anything.

We've been here for about two weeks and still we look at each other some nights and express our disbelief in that this place is ours to call home. We have both mentioned that we don't miss our old place, that we feel like we belong here and there are no more feelings of sadness when it comes to the townhouse where we became a family of three. Being able to feel settled right now and feeling happy where we are is such a gift because we both didn't think we would find another home in the thick of it all. I was running high on emotions and sinking so low.. I felt like we were going to be miserable forever and that our daughter wouldn't feel like she ever had a home to make memories in. I feel relieved and most of all blessed to be able to recognize Logan's resilience and her comfort in her new environment; she is happy.

We're settling back in to our normal routine, we've had some play dates and are walking to the nearby park to meet Rory after he gets off of work... we're back in to normalcy and it feels awesome. We have a few weekend getaways planned over the next couple of months and though they're just little trips, I'm glad we're able to take small little vacations this summer. I've been really adamant about wanting to take day trips as a family of three on the weekends (no matter how far or close) because I want Logan to have memories of us being active and taking her on small adventures.. not just doing chores or staying at home. We may never have the financial ability to go to Yosemite or Hawaii or anywhere out of state, but we're doing the best we can with what we have right now to enjoy the life we have and are striving each day to follow through with goals we've set to allow us to have a better one.

Soon I'll share some snapshots of our new home with you. I'm currently decorating Logan's bathroom in a Peter Pan theme (anyone that knows me is not shocked by this, I'm sure). She's been obsessed with Peter Pan for the last several months; she has a Peter Pan doll, three Peter Pan Golden Books, another Disney Treasury book with a Peter Pan story, and I have every version of a Peter Pan movie that was ever made on DVD (also the plays on VHS). She talks about Peter, Wendy, John and Michael often... she's thrilled when I start singing "You Can Fly".. it's kind of the best thing ever. Too bad Disneyland raised their prices again because I'd love to take her on Peter Pan's Flight right now; she'd be stoked.

Thank you for hanging in there with me through all of this and my blog silence over the last several weeks. Some days I'd feel so guilty about not publishing something and wished I had some prewritten posts to share, but I was in a really negative mind set for a while and that's never fun to read about. I'm happy to be back here and am excited for all the things I'll be sharing with you in the future.


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