Friday, July 18, 2014

Bye Bye July (Almost)

It's pretty crazy that it's nearing the end of July already. July was full of emotions and major changes... though I am happy to have gone through it all and to be where I am, I am glad to soon say goodbye to July.
We have a short week coming up because we'll be taking a road trip up to Nor Cal to visit my dad... we're super excited to take a mini vacation. I'll share some posts of our trip with you shortly after we get back! I am a little nervous about the five hour drive with Logan, but I think she'll do well; she's a trooper in most all situations. Rory had a portable DVD player, but it seems to be broken so there goes that idea! How did people road trip with toddlers before TVs in headrests and portable DVD players and WiFi and iPads? I'd really like to know because we'll have none of those things! Keep your fingers crossed for us and send out no melt down vibes.



  1. My son is a wonderful rider as long as he has a DVD Player. This vacation I realized his old ones were broken so I bought new ones. I couldn't imagine going without them. That's sad, I know.
    My youngest hates car rides and NOTHING (phones, dvd players, etc) help. It's screaming from Point A to Point B and is pure torture. I hope your little one does awesome and can't wait to hear all about it and see the photos :)