Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Reading: "Orange is the New Black". I watched the first season on Netflix and absolutely loved the show. I am excited to see how the book compares... I'm already annoyed at the name change (Nora to Alex). I get kind of snobby about things like that (ahem Harry Potter). I also just read "Winter's Bone" and was in pain after watching the movie; one of the younger brothers turned in to a girl for the movie and they left out sooo much! I don't know how that movie won so many awards... they didn't tell the story accurately.
My BFF and I started our own book club and I've read more over the last few months than I have in my entire life! Books we've read are "Bossypants", "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?", "Winter's Bone", "Let's Talk About Diabetes With Owls", and "The Circle". Have you read any of these?

Doing: lots of driving this week. Last Friday we drove down to Temecula for a mini family reunion. Today I had to drive up to Ventura for Logan's Orthopedist appointment. Tomorrow it's off to Oxnard for another orthopedic appointment for her (she's getting corrective shoes for in-toeing. Let's hope the shoes are it and she doesn't have to have casts or surgeries) then to the next town over for an appointment for me.
This coming weekend will also entail lots of driving to celebrate some special things with friends we don't get to see often.

Working On: Etsy! I am so grateful to have this job that I enjoy and that I can do mostly from home. Last week and this week, we've had the best sales we've ever had since opening. I have been wrapping awesome kitschy items and sending them off to new homes where they'll be appreciated and treasured. I love working with such unique items.. with things I never thought I'd see in person; it's like stumbling upon a treasure each time I gather new items to list. 

Cooking shows. We've been watching Top Chef Masters and Master Chef lately. All of our regular shows are on hiatus so nothing is in our Hulu queue ever. Thank goodness for Gordon Ramsay and his twelve million shows! Do you watch Master Chef? I've been rooting for Leslie since the beginning; I like that he's a "tell it like it is" kind of guy and he's pretty fancy with his flowing grey locks.
Although Mr Ramsay has been supplying shows for us to watch, I am looking forward to my favorites coming back ("Once Upon A Time", "The Mindy Project", "Modern Family", "New Girl", and I'd say "Raising Hope" but I heard it got cancelled!!)

Loving: conversations with Logan. She's turned in to a kid all of a sudden and it breaks my mama heart, but I love it so much. She's talking a lot about birthday's lately.. she likes to tell me about surprise parties and presents; her birthday is in three months.. I wonder if she's hinting to me already.



  1. I drive my other half mental sometimes with my insistence that I cannot go and see a movie at the the cinema if I haven't read the book yet. I like to have my own idea of the characters before I see who they cast. Downside to that is, I often completely hate the actors they put in the roles!

    1. Yes!!!
      I love Jennifer Lawrence in Winter's Bone, I just think the editing and the changes they made to the script were awful! I don't know how anyone got what was going on.. especially if they had never read the book.

  2. Sounds like she's wanting a big party Momma :)