Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fall Picks for Logan

Hip Hip HOORAY!! Summer is almost over!
Summer coming to an end means better weather and most importantly, kids are going back to school! Though I don't have a child in school, I look forward to other peoples' kids going back because it makes outings so much easier and nicer; I can find parking easily and all of the places we go to play are not flooded with a bunch of camp kids.

This Summer was a hot and grotesquely humid one; I think Southern California got confused and wanted to be Florida for a while. We maybe had three days of "June Gloom" and a few sprinkles of rain
; I am ready for the cold (the California cold). I am ready for fires in the fireplace, I am ready for the holidays, I am ready for hoodies, and I am ready for warm socks.

Logan's closet is packed full of rompers, short sleeves and shorts right now.. I am ready to put in some leggings and cute cardigans!
one: flower tee shirt at Retro Kids  // two: red treggings at H&M  // three. critter hoodie at Crazy8  //  four. livie&luca navy ruche flat at Zappos  //  five. lace striped tee at Target  //  six. striped skinny leggings at Baby Gap  //  seven. cat headband at Baby Gap //  eight. tortoise print fashion glasses at Target //  nine. livie&luca London boot at Zappos //  ten. swiss dot flutter top at Old Navy //  eleven. polka dot treggings at H&M

I am also ready for my electric bill to be cut in half. Running the A/C for a few hours in the afternoon is pretty expensive!


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