Monday, August 11, 2014

Mama Fails (v.2)

I was tickling Logan on my lap and she squirmed so much that she fell right off and slammed her head in to the wall.

More times than not, I manage to hit her head on the frame of the car as I'm trying to get her in to it.

I've ran over her toes with the vacuum twice so far; it's hard because she chases it!

While we were leaving the post office, I went to grab my keys from my bag.. when I got them out they flew out of my hands and hit Logan in the head. She gave me a super stink eye.

I yelled "Shit!" in the car and Logan said "shit shit shit shit shit" for a good remainder of the car ride . Thankfully I haven't heard her say it again!

While watering the plants outside, I've turned and accidentally drenched her with the hose.

For the second time in her life, I caught her neck in the car seat buckle.

I looked away from Logan for a millisecond as she was walking down the final two stairs and CRASH! In to the baby gate she went.

Do you have any mom fail moments to share? I'd love to hear!



  1. I'm the worst about pinching their legs with the seat belt

    1. Doesn't it make you feel awful!!??
      Ugh.. I hate it.

  2. On our first date (five years ago!), my man told me that the big scars he has are all from his Dad. Ran him over with the lawn mower, bounced him off the back of the tractor, hit him in the head with a shovel... All unintentional of course. They grew up on a farm and he was just one of those toddlers that had to help Dad with everything.
    I did joke that his Dad is never babysitting our children unsupervised. OK, it wasn't really a joke, I'm serious. haha

    1. Oh my gosh! Yes, things happen but I wouldn't hand over my kid either! Haha :)