Thursday, August 28, 2014

Three Years

Today is our three year wedding anniversary! It's pretty cliche but I'll say it anyway, it's incredible to look back at how quickly these years have gone by. In the three years since saying "I do", we've become parents, we've moved three times, we've had to navigate through a lot of difficult things, we've had to grow and we've made it through it all together. This year also marks six years of being together.. a lot of people say "marriage is hard work" and I have to disagree. Maybe just because I've been married for a short while compared to most or it's that being married to Rory is easy; yes we get in arguments and we drive each other crazy sometimes, but that's just a part of any relationship.. not necessarily just marriage.

I feel like we were such kids six years ago, even three years ago.. we've lost a lot of friends, we've made friends, we've started new ventures and ended old ones, we've packed and unpacked an ungodly amount, we've changed so much and I am grateful that we've been able to figure it all out side by side. There's no one else I'd rather live this life with; Rory strives every day to do the best he can not only for us, but for our family as a whole. He finds happiness in my happiness and in Logan's happiness, he goes out of his way to solve problems for us and to make our day easier in any way that he can, he works so hard to give us a life, he never complains (except about my constant asking for a foot massage!).. he's it for me!

Happy Anniversary to my best friend! I love you to the moon!


**you can see more wedding photos here**

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