Tuesday, September 2, 2014


... from a long weekend that is.

Rory took Friday off so we could take an afternoon to celebrate our anniversary. We decided to drive up to Santa Barbara and visit the zoo. We took Logan last year and it was so fun this time around! She was thrilled to be there; she loved the train ride, sliding down the ant hill and most of all, she loved the elephants!
I forgot to bring my camera, but if you follow me on Instagram, you saw some pictures from our day. I, of course, have about a million more on my phone.

Saturday we went to our dear friends house for their gender reveal party. They're having a girl! I am so excited for them and was totally wrong in my guess; I even thought Logan was a boy.. I just think that every pregnant person is having a boy. 

Sunday we went to Rory's aunts for a swim party / barbecue. Logan stayed in the pool for quite a while with her grandma and had a great time with all of the toys her aunt keeps in house for all the kids. For the first time, she wasn't interested in seeing the horses. I kept asking her, but she kept saying "No. Toys!" Alright kid... I think she just forgot the horses were actually there.

Monday we went to our other lovely friends house for another barbecue! It was really great to see two of my favorite couples twice in one weekend. We had a great time though we could tell Logan was at the end of her rope with all the no nap holiday party shenanigans; she fell in the corn hole board twice and got pretty upset when her daddy was playing beer pong and couldn't hold her. 

She slept incredibly well at nap today after all of that! I do believe she is getting sick though.. not good. She's been sneezing all day and her nose is running; she's either getting a cold, is having allergies or is teething. I swear this is motherhood.. a guessing game of what's wrong with your kid while they're still getting teeth. Logan's been getting her two year molars for more than a month and they do actually looks pretty swollen now. I'm wondering about allergies on top of the teething though because she is allergic to four common molds that are just floating in the air... the weather is changing and it's been windy here so maybe she's having a reaction to that. I just hope that it's not a cold... having a sick baby is the worst.

I was met with a lot of errands and work to do after taking four days "off" but somehow I managed to do it all today without going crazy. I listed a ton of new stuff over on Etsy if you want to go check it out (click the "Etsy" link I provided or click on my Etsy store widget on the left sidebar of my blog)!

I hope you're all having a great week so far... it's half way over tomorrow!!



  1. That was a jam packed weekend for sure!
    Hope Little Miss isn't getting sick. Those 2 year molars can be real problems!

    1. I need a vacation to recover from the weekend! ;)
      I am so looking forward to all this teeth nonsense to be over with! Cold? Teeth? Bad day? Teething is just a constant guessing game and I am done playing!