Monday, September 22, 2014

What September Looked Like.. On My Phone

^^ we've been spending our afternoons outdoors despite the awful heat. ^^

^^ Rory and I attended our friends wedding in Santa Barbara. We danced, caught up with some old friends, but we mostly talked about Logan. ^^

^^ It was a farm month! Logan rode horses at Underwood at the beginning of the month and then again this past weekend at another farm. This girl loves animals and she's particularly fond of the horses and goats. ^^

September is coming to an end and it's creeping closer to holiday season. Though it's officially Fall tomorrow, that doesn't really mean anything in Southern California... we're still baking over here! I am so ready for some chilly weather, Halloween festivities, and again cold(ish) weather.


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  1. Great pictures Ali. I love this little person so much, She is beyond adorable.