Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Second Star to the Right and Straight on to TWO!

This past weekend we had a pretty simple celebration for Logan's second birthday at our home.. she enjoyed her day with friends and family very much! It was no question what theme I'd go with this year; my girl has been enamored with Peter Pan for half of her life already!
I really enjoyed the simplicity of this years party compared to last years... we kept the food to a minimum, I made pies; having the party between lunch and dinner time was a smart idea. I also had most of the decor already (I keep a "party" rubbermaid bin in the garage full of stuff that I pick from for any event we host) so this year didn't cost us much to host which was super important. As much as I love celebrating my daughters birthday and having people we love here, she's a toddler and there's absolutely no reason to spend hundreds of dollars on a location and decor and food.

She and her little friends ran around all day with her gifts and balloons, she enjoyed her frosting free Boston Cream Pie (allergy kid issues), and slept like a rock that night... couldn't have been better!


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