Monday, February 2, 2015

Life Lately

It's been quiet around here so far this year and it's been pretty nice compared to the last few months of 2014 where we were all sick and home-bound. Logan and I have been making it to more play dates and doing more toddler friendly things for her since my life isn't centered around OB/GYN appointments these days!

Logan has always been pretty chatty but lately she is having full on conversations with us and Rory and I are always laughing at the things she has to say. Today I let her run around outside while I unpacked some groceries and when I was finished I said to her, "It's time to come in for lunch" and she told me "Nah, I'm just playin' mom." She's super strong willed (ahem.. like mother like daughter); so much so that she picks out her clothes each morning and let's us know which meals will be suitable for her to eat throughout the day.
Some "Loganisms":

When I showed her her new big girl version of her crib
"Oh mommy! It's wonderful!"

Out of the blue while we were playing she got close to my face
"You're number two!"

"Logan has yellow hair. Mommy has pink hair. Daddy is bald."

I told her to stay back from the fireplace because the fire in it was dangerous
"What!? Dangerous!? What does that mean?"

Me: "I feel sick. I think I ate too many 'Nilla Wafers."
Logan: "You needa see a doctor mommy!"

We've been on a good stretch health and mood wise, though we had a minor bump yesterday and today with two two year molars cutting through and some seasonal allergy issues (nothing Motrin and Benadryl can't help). I've been feeling fairly well.. this little girl that I'm cooking is way more active than Logan ever was and it gives me so much peace to feel her throughout the day (and night! Sleepless pregnant lady nights. Boo.). I feel like a much calmer person this pregnancy; which is surprising considering I have a crazy two year old. When I was pregnant with Logan, we lived in an apartment with smokers next to us and below us so in turn we were trying to move and ended up having to pay four months worth of rent in one month due to new deposits and lease termination fees.. I was on the phone constantly with state assisted insurance.. we moved; I was a ball of stress to say the least. I feel so incredibly lucky and happy to be settled right now; I feel like I can enjoy each day as it comes.


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