Wednesday, February 4, 2015


**My little drummer gal. She's always playing these, her guitar, or her piano book. I hope she'll always hold on tightly to her love for music.
**I have started a little collection of Blendo glassware and this turquoise is my favorite!
**A new to me (and free) mid century hutch for the dining room with all of my kitschy kitchen knick knacks. / I rebuilt the tee pee that Rory and I made for Logan by myself to put in to her new big girl room. It took me two hours! I highly recommend never building one yourself.
**Winston the pig comes everywhere with us.
**I always like a very symmetrical and clean arrangement of magnets and photos on my fridge but ultrasound photos of Wesley have taken over.. I love it! Oh and yes, it does say "Poop" on that word bubble magnet. / Week 23 baby bump.
**I am obsessed with this tree in our neighbors backyard. I think it's a crepe myrtle but am not entirely sure. I always thought it was a young sycamore, but one morning last week I opened my bedroom window in the morning to check the weather and I thought it snowed (I didn't have my glasses on)! The tree exploded with these gorgeous white flowers overnight and I take time every day to admire it.
**String of pearls are my favorite and they're blooming too! / Tiny dancer smelling flowers in the garden.


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