Friday, March 6, 2015

Currently (Accentuating the Positive)

Thinking About: taking it one day at a time. The last several weeks have been really hard over here; selling furniture and clothes to go to the market, emotions over medical bills, feeling totally helpless and desperate. We're making it through and are reminding ourselves of all the positive. One day at a time.

Listening: I've been listening to Mariachi el Bronx for a bit of cheery music to help bring up my mood. What's better than a bunch of white boys from punk bands playing mariachi music and dressed for the part as well?

Watching: I've been sucked in to the Bachelor nation. It all started with Sean's season. I adored Dez, was annoyed with Juan Pablo and loved miss Andi. I am not a fan of this new bachelor Chris... he makes out with everyone immediately! I find it pretty tacky and am pretty sure he's full of bologna. I seem to have a pattern here with the seasons and am thinking ABC should ax the Bachelor and only continue with the Bachelorette. Am I the only one rooting for Britt to be the next to find love in the franchise?

Planning: lots of changes. Next month will be the month of potty training and transitioning Logan in to her big girl room and big girl bed so I can get the nursery ready for Wesley. I've been washing newborn clothes, blankets, towels, sterilizing toys; next will be making room for bottles in the kitchen (still hoping breastfeeding works out this time for us though!). I guess I am in "nesting" mode, but me being on top of organizing and cleaning isn't really out of the ordinary for me.

Loving: my family. Super cliche answer? Oh well. The days that I want to give up and break down, I just step back and see my daughter laughing hysterically with her dad and all the stressors melt away. Some people ask how can they help and do I need a break, but honestly, my days with Logan are what keeps me sane and happy. I wouldn't give up a few hours with her to go do something by myself; being by myself is lonely and that's when the anxiety comes to the front of my mind. I'd much rather play with my best friends than have a "break".


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